Dragon Jones - Grail #1

Published on: Aug 25, 2023

A Retail "Holy Grail" – Detecting when products are out-of-stock on shelves. It's now achievable with Dragonfruit ShelfScout, a stock-out detection solution in partnership with Google!

CHALLENGE: Shelf stock-outs are a major problem for retailers because they can impede sales and damage customer satisfaction. Until now, it's been a manual process for already-stretched employees to monitor store shelves and determine what's out of stock in a timely manner.

SOLUTION: Dragonfruit's ShelfScout leverages Google's new "Shelf Inventory AI Tool for Retailers" to automatically detect a stock-out of millions of products. Real-time notifications through text, email, or via an integration with notification tools helps employees quickly know what needs replenishing, ensuring a positive customer experience and higher ROI.

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