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Dragonfruit AI Privacy Policy

With the rich opportunities of AI come new rules and concerns about privacy. Here’s how we work to ensure the protection of user data privacy in our AI software.

Privacy in Business AI: What to Know

At a time when hackers are exploiting every possible entry-point and vulnerability, it’s important to ensure the safety of each new technological pathway.

At Dragonfruit AI, we understand the importance of keeping data private and safe. Given the steep costs of enduring a breach or regulatory sanctions, concerns for data misuse are not only justified, but a priority for every leader.

And we’re committed to upholding data privacy in all of our solutions with a comprehensive, enterprise-level AI security policy that's at the center of our company culture.

Why AI Privacy Matters

Effective AI needs data. And in many parts of the world, tight regulations are in place to keep that data private. What’s more, new laws in the U.S. and elsewhere are increasingly placing the burden of compliance on businesses, not consumers.

With the further evolution of this tech into branches like facial recognition comes the need for greater legal precautions against unforeseen incidents or accidental violations. The bottom line? Any business utilizing any AI software needs to make sure they’re benefiting from a strong AI privacy policy.

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Our Commitment to Continuous Information Security

Engineered with a focus on data security, our video AI solutions deliver highly actionable insights while helping you adhere to today’s most stringent privacy requirements.

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SOC-2 Standards

Our program infuses the criteria set forth by SOC 2 throughout our operations and culture.

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Strictly Defined Policies

All data is handled, stored and managed by carefully defined and documented roles and responsibilities.

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Limiting PII

Improve customer monitoring without the need to capture personally identifiable information (PII).

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Third-Party Testing & Audits

We voluntarily undergo independent third-party audits and penetration testing at least annually.

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Security Awareness Training

Our team is constantly trained in the latest, most important considerations of security awareness.

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Continuous Monitoring

We continuously monitor our security and compliance status to ensure there are no lapses.

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