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Upgrade your traffic counter and visitor analytics with real-time insights and video AI analysis.

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Zone-by-Zone Insights to Drive Better Performance

Yesterday’s traffic counters only skimmed the surface, capturing basic entries and exits without delving into the nuanced flow of customer movement within different retail zones. Dragonfruit AI delivers a much wider pool of critical insights, giving you the power to make improvements that actually impact revenue.

Harness insights into foot traffic and visitor flow to improve store layout. Seize the power of AI-powered analysis of patterns and peak times to synchronize staffing. Seamlessly connect with mobile apps to deliver notifications and personalized guest experiences. Transform every movement into valuable data with Dragonfruit AI.

Superior Accuracy with Staff Detection, Precision and Cost-Efficiency

Dragonfruit AI does more than simply count people. Using the cameras you already have, our people counter platform maps every part of your space with unmatched precision to deliver actionable insights into space utilization, staff management, promotional timing, and other key processes.

Leveraging strategically positioned, high-resolution cameras that you already have to see more than just the tops of heads, Dragonfruit AI provides context and detail to basic people counting. Whether you're assessing a retail zone, exhibition area, or any other public area, it’s the best way to get actionable, comprehensive, data-driven insights for every square inch of space.


Employee Detection

Our patented staff-detection technology ensures that counts are accurate and meaningful, providing clear insights into true customer traffic by filtering out employee movements.

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Superior Accuracy

Avoid common traffic counter pitfalls like double-counting lingerers by strategically positioning your existing camera for optimal views, along with a full audit for blind spots, if necessary.

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Customer Satisfaction

Position your business to deliver the best possible customer experience by adjusting staffing and layout based on customer counts available both in real time and over specific periods.



The Dragonfruit Difference

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Easy Integration

Seamless integration with your camera infrastructure ensures rich people counting insights at a cost comparable to standard door sensors.

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Eliminating False Data

Features like strategic camera positioning and staff identification help avoid common pitfalls like false consumer data.

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Built-in ROI

The high level of data available from our AI-powered people counter tool delivers actionable insights that all but ensure a prompt ROI.

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