Traffic Counter

Zone-by-Zone Traffic Insights with Precision and Cost-Efficiency.

Traditional traffic counters, often stationed at entrance doors, offer a limited perspective. While they capture entries and exits, they miss the intricate dynamics of movement and occupancy within different zones of a space. This oversight can lead to missed opportunities, as understanding foot traffic in specific areas can provide valuable insights for business optimization.

The Traffic Counter by Dragonfruit revolutionizes this domain. Instead of a singular focus on entrances, our system integrates all cameras with floor plans, dividing spaces into distinct regions. This allows for detailed zone-by-zone traffic counts, offering a holistic view of space utilization. Not only is our approach more cost-efficient, rivaling the expenses of a standard door sensor, but it also boasts superior accuracy. With higher-resolution cameras strategically positioned for optimal views, we avoid pitfalls like double counting lingering individuals. The result? Precise, comprehensive traffic data that truly reflects the dynamics of your space.

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Integrated Floor Plan Mapping

Our Traffic Counter isn't just another camera system; it's a comprehensive spatial analysis tool. By integrating cameras with floor plans and segmenting spaces into regions, we offer a granular understanding of traffic patterns. Whether you're assessing a retail zone, an exhibition area, or any specific section, our system provides data-driven insights for each region.

Superior Accuracy & Positioning

Conventional top-down cameras often capture just the tops of heads, leading to inaccuracies. Our system utilizes existing strategically positioned, high-resolution cameras that offer a clearer view of individuals and their movements. This ensures more accurate counts, avoiding common errors like double counting individuals near entrances or exits.

Cost-Efficient Comprehensive Coverage

While our system offers expansive coverage and detailed insights, its cost remains comparable to traditional door sensors. This means establishments can enjoy a comprehensive traffic analysis solution without incurring premium expenses, ensuring value for money while maximizing insights.

The Dragonfruit Difference

Beyond Entrances

Our system delves deep, analyzing each zone's traffic, ensuring a holistic understanding far beyond mere entry and exit counts.

Precision in Every Count

By leveraging superior camera positioning and resolution, our counts are precise, avoiding common pitfalls of traditional systems.

Optimal Investment Return

Offering comprehensive insights at costs similar to standard door sensors, our Traffic Counter ensures maximum ROI through enhanced data accuracy and breadth.

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