Truck Turnaround Optimization & LPR Analytics

Optimize loading, logistics, and more with the Dragonfruit AI automatic license plate recognition system.

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Improve Vehicle Pattern Analysis with Video AI License Plate Recognition

Optimizing truck turnaround and loading dock operations requires high-quality license plate recognition software. Seize the power of video AI and automated recognition to take your LPR analytics to the next level with Dragonfruit AI license plate recognition software, and ensure effective and efficient supply chain and logistics management across your entire enterprise.

Dragonfruit AI LPR software delivers next-level truck turnaround analytics to help you streamline dock assignments, minimize wait times, monitor compliance and timing, assess your operational efficiency, and more. The result is better throughput in supply chain operations, improved management of commercial and hospitality parking spaces, and the cost savings of air-tight logistics.

Truck Turnaround Time dashboard

Use Your Existing Cameras for AI-Powered Truck Turnaround Analytics

In a world of fast-evolving technology, traditional LPR methods are faltering due to outdated image processing, limited reporting, and a dependence on pricy, specialized hardware. Our cutting-edge LPR software and app eliminates each of those obstacles while delivering a suite of additional benefits.

Dragonfruit AI leverages the latest AI technology, not just image processing, to automatically identify license plates and classify them by region and type, and more effectively capture, record, verify, modify, and report turnaround times and track associated KPIs. And it integrates seamlessly with your existing camera systems, with no need for big investments or expensive hardware overhauls.

User-Focused Functionality

More than just automatic LPR software, Dragonfruit AI can also manually capture and upload license plate data with a smartphone. Verification and directional selection ensure accurate entry and editing.

Robust, Regular Reporting

Robust, automatic reporting provides details on license plates of interest, and can be saved and shared in CSV format to improve investigation and integration into other systems and processes.

Automatic Entry & Easy Search

Automatic detection and entry features provide fast and easy identification for verification and investigations, while AI-powered search and analytical tools help you quickly identify vehicles of interest.



The Dragonfruit Difference

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Available Everywhere

Though ideal for multi-location enterprises, our LPR software and app are affordable and scalable enough for any business.

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Value-Oriented Technology

With its minimal bandwidth and hardware requirements, Dragonfruit AI is designed to deliver fast, reliable return on investment.

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Up and Running in Minutes

Straightforward implementation, ease of deployment, and seamless integration combine to ensure fast, hassle-free deployment.

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