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Get the retail intelligence you need to delight customers and grow your business with the Dragonfruit AI retail app.

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Video-Based Artificial Intelligence in a Dynamic Retail Insights App

Retail gets more competitive each year. Customer behavior and preferences change even faster. Stay ahead of the curve with the Dragonfruit retail insights app, a powerful tool for gathering the data you need to keep customers happy that’s truly tailored for the modern retailer.

Leveraging video AI and advanced analytics, the Dragonfruit retail insights app seamlessly integrates data from a multitude of sources to deliver a fully holistic view of your customer base. Whether it's personalizing marketing campaigns, optimizing in-store layouts, or forecasting inventory needs, Dragonfruit's retail app delivers the data-backed confidence to make informed decisions.

Sample Retail Insights Reports

Redefining Retail Intelligence with Comprehensive Consumer Understanding

Seize the possibilities of video data with a retail app that delivers key insights from actual  in-store journeys and purchases. Dragonfruit AI offers a deep dive into customer behavior, preferences, and buying patterns so you can better meet their preferences, needs, and demands — boosting their experience and satisfaction, and your bottom line.

Our user-friendly interface gives you access to robust, AI powered analytical capabilities so you can identify trends, preferences, and potential areas of improvement and take action. Don’t miss the critical retail insights your business generates every day — choose a retail app that puts the power of unmatched real-time intelligence in the palm of your hand.

Data-Driven Decisions

From assessing employee allocation to rating the popularity of a product in different placements or regions, get the retail intelligence you need to improve staffing, promotions, store layouts and lots more.

Enhanced Sales Strategies

Harness the power of advanced AI analytics to identify not just what works but why to improve the performance, efficiency, and timing of sales campaigns directed at specific target audiences.

Predictive Analysis for Future Trends

Improve inventory management, resource allocation, and your response to market demands: Tap into predictive analysis to make sure you’re not just reacting to current trends but anticipating future shifts based on what customers are actually doing in your stores.

Bridging Online & Offline Data

Capture eCommerce-style metrics in your physical stores: WALK-BYs, VIEWS, ENGAGES, and SALES make up WaVES, our holistic model for customer engagement and behavior mapping.

Mapping Visual Intelligence

Customer Journey mapping lets you use your existing cameras to create zones for capturing more precise data on customer movement, product engagement, and other essential behaviors.

AI-Powered Reporting

Get detailed store dashboards and email reports with traffic counts, peak times, and more, and use our ChatGPT-powered summary tool to quickly identify trends, challenges, and opportunities.



The Dragonfruit Difference

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Game-Changing Tech

The first video AI platform of its kind, Dragonfruit AI's massively scalable and cost-effective technology is truly a game-changer for enterprise-level operations.

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Accessible & Affordable

Cloud-native and easy to deploy, Dragonfruit AI is optimized to perform with limited bandwidth and minimal hardware requirements.

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Pay for What You Need

Customizability is at the heart of Dragonfruit AI, where more than a dozen powerful retail apps are available with a la carte pricing.

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