Intelligent Access Monitor & Tailgate Detection

Safeguard your space against unauthorized access with the Dragonfruit Ai tailgate security system.

People look at the person who goes through the gate for employeesillustration of the selected date filter and comment "Marley allowed new staff through employee gates"Man attempting to tailgate entryAlert "Man attempting to tailgate entry"

Integrated Detection for Enhanced Access Control & Security

Lock down your space with an intelligent, app-based access monitor that’s designed to maximize oversight and security across every square inch you manage: Dragonfruit AI tailgate detection delivers thorough, multi-angle coverage and advanced video AI monitoring of every access event in every facility you oversee to ensure comprehensive tailgate detection.

From corporate offices to facilities with restricted areas, unauthorized access through tailgating poses a significant security risk. Make sure that any tailgating attempt, no matter how subtle, is promptly identified and addressed with the power of AI-powered access monitoring from Dragonfruit AI.

Video AI-Enhanced Intelligent Access Monitor

Too often, traditional access monitor systems miss subtle tailgating attempts, leading to potential security breaches. Offering thorough coverage and immediate detection with multi-camera monitoring and support for every gate and access point, Dragonfruit AI eliminates those limitations with an access monitor that’s comprehensive in its coverage, affordable, and scalable to any size.

Ensure a robust defense against unauthorized entries with AI technology that’s designed to make sure no detail is overlooked while also offering easy implementation and integration with our current camera systems and access control vendors. Take tailgate detection to the next level with Dragonfruit AI.

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Smooth Integration with Leading Systems

Dragonfruit AI is designed to integrate smoothly and seamlessly with the systems you already use, including integration with major access control vendors like Brivo, Openpath, Kisi, Genea, and others.

Access Video Verification dashboard

Video Verification for Every Access Event

Every access control event is paired with corresponding video footage to ensure visual verification for all entries and exits, giving a clear picture of each event and aiding in swift response to potential breaches.

multi cameras

Comprehensive, Multi-Camera Coverage

Designed for the complexities of diverse entry points, the advanced camera-based detection offered by Dragonfruit AI offers multi-camera support for each gate to eliminate the threat of blind spots.



The Dragonfruit Difference

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Beyond Traditional Access Control

Our integration with industry-leading vendors ensures a fortified defense against unauthorized entries, elevating access security.

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Real-Time Video Verification

With video verification for every access event, Dragonfruit AI ensures clarity, transparency, and immediate insights.

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No Entry Overlooked

Multi-camera support ensures a holistic security blanket by closely monitoring every access point, regardless of location or setup.

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