Tailgating Alarm

Integrated Detection for Enhanced Access Control & Security.

Unauthorized access through tailgating poses a significant security risk for many establishments, from corporate offices to facilities with restricted areas. While traditional access control systems serve as a primary line of defense, they can sometimes miss subtle tailgating attempts, leading to potential security breaches.

Our Tailgating Alarm app addresses this gap with a multifaceted approach. By seamlessly integrating with both camera systems and leading access control vendors like Openpath, Kisi, Genea, and others, it ensures a robust and comprehensive defense against unauthorized entries. Every access control event is paired with video footage, providing visual verification. And with multi-camera support for each gate, even if there are multiple entry points, our system ensures thorough coverage and immediate detection.

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Seamless Integration with Access Control Systems

Our Tailgating Alarm is not just limited to camera-based detection; it integrates smoothly with top-tier access control vendors like Brivo, Openpath, Kisi, and Genea. This synergy amplifies security measures, ensuring that any tailgating attempt, no matter how subtle, is promptly identified and addressed.

Video Verification for Every Access Event

Providing an added layer of security, our system pairs every access control event with corresponding video footage. This ensures visual verification for all entries and exits, giving security personnel a clear picture of each event and aiding in swift response to potential breaches.

Multi-Camera Support for Comprehensive Coverage

Recognizing the complexities of diverse entry points, our Tailgating Alarm offers multi-camera support for each gate. Whether an establishment has one or multiple cameras per entry point, our system ensures thorough surveillance, leaving no blind spots and maximizing security.

The Dragonfruit Difference

Beyond Traditional Access Control

Our integration with industry-leading vendors ensures a fortified defense against unauthorized entries, elevating access security.

Visual Clarity

With video verification for every access event, our system ensures clarity, transparency, and immediate insights, enhancing security response.

No Entry Overlooked

Multi-camera support guarantees that every access point, regardless of its setup, is meticulously monitored, ensuring a holistic security blanket.

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