Enterprise Alarm Management

Reduce loss, ramp up safety and boost your bottom line with a suite of business alarm monitoring apps that merge AI, video analytics and QR code entry to redefine enterprise alarm management.

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Enterprise Alarm Management

Focused Reassurance & Precision Security

Shield your operations against the high costs of theft, violence, fire, and even slips and accidents with a business alarm monitoring solution that adds the power of advanced object detection, video AI, and cross-camera tracking (without collecting PII) to your current camera network.

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AI-Driven Business Alarm Monitoring

We designed our enterprise alarm solution to deter crime, mitigate risks that lead to costly insurance claims, and eliminate the high cost of false alarms, a persistent challenge with traditional systems. And Dragonfruit AI never sleeps — it’s always on, and always monitoring, 24/7/365.

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Apps for Alarm Monitoring

Alarm Apps

Our apps are designed to serve retail spaces, educational campuses, industrial facilities, shipping centers — any place that needs protection against theft, break-in, and other forms of loss.


The Dragonfruit Difference

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Live Security Oversight

Your security team gets immediate access to real-time video feeds while AI analytics platform detects anomalies and other warning signs.

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Precision, Not Guesswork

Dragonfruit AI establishes a meticulous security perimeter in places where traditional business alarm monitoring doesn’t even reach.

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Innovative Entry Security

Unique QR-code entry provides an additional layer of security that's both accessible to users and impenetrable to intrusion.

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