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From merchandising and marketing to security and asset protection, maximize your performance in more than a dozen core business functions with Dragonfruit AI enterprise solutions.

Seize the Power of Computer Vision AI

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Deploy at scale or just a few locations. Either way, we can enable a centralized view across all camera types and VMS systems in your entire enterprise in 15 minutes or less (in most cases).

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Foot traffic mapping. Intrusion detection. AI-powered marketing and merchandising. With Dragonfruit, you’ll get specific, computer vision-powered insights and action items on the metrics that actually drive your bottom line. And with our à la carte approach, you also get the freedom to choose only the solutions you need right now.

Dragonfruit AI Computer Vision Apps

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Dragonfruit solutions

Built for flexibility, affordability, and easy, 15-minute implementation — even when deployed across thousands of facilities

Our enterprise AI apps run seamlessly on your existing video management service — or, get more value by upgrading to our Video Management Plus system.

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Add functionality when and where you need it

Dragonfruit AI is designed to scale with your needs, improving operations and enhancing experiences however and wherever your business needs.

Save Money. Reduce Hassle. Get More.

The more computer vision AI apps you use, the more value you’ll get for your business.

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Retail Operations

Leverage real-time computer vision insights to optimize staff management, on-shelf availability, customer experience, and more.

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Loss Prevention & Asset Protection

Reduce shrink and grow sales with video AI-driven apps that deliver quantifiable impact using real-time alerts, advanced analytics, and more.

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Marketing & Merchandising

Get granular details into what’s happening in real time on every display in every store, plus the insights to turn those trends into revenue.

Built for Multi-Location Enterprises

Deploy at scale or just a few locations. Either way, we can enable a centralized view across all camera types and VMS systems in your entire enterprise in 15 minutes or less (in most cases).

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The Dragonfruit Difference

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Pay For What You Need

Per app pricing from a platform that can solve all of your Enterprise visual intelligence needs – scale at your pace and budget.

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No New Hardware Needed

Use existing cameras, VMS systems and add the brain of Dragonfruit to uncover new insights to run your business more efficiently.

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Fast, Technology-Driven ROI

Using cutting-edge technology with a business-first approach, our solutions drive fast ROI with a clear roadmap for sustained success.

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