Better Summaries Than BriefCam

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar


Dec 13, 2022

Cover image of the Better Summaries Than BriefCam video, Digital Investigations, Episode 9, Dragonfruit Learning Series

In this “Better Summaries than BriefCam” 2-minute video we outline how Dragonfruit’s Video Summaries (aka AI Fast Forward) offer the best approach to speeding up investigations by squeezing hours of video into a minutes-long clip.

Summaries are especially useful when you have a long video clip interspersed with occasional people or vehicles. Rather than condensing all those objects together regardless of when they appeared, Dragonfruit uses AI fast-forward to speed through the empty portions of the video, and slow down when relevant objects are detected.

Thus, all objects in the summary appear in the same time-order as in the raw video. AI filters for clothing or vehicle color, LPR,etc. help reduce clutter and further speed up review.

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