Stock-Out Detection & Inventory Management

Avoid missed opportunities and unhappy customers with AI-driven inventory management.

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Advanced Out-of-Stock Management Driven by AI and Google

Out-of-stock products are more than just missed opportunities — they're an open invitation for customers to shop elsewhere. Stock-outs are also a huge drain on profitability. When combined with overstocking, they’re estimated to cost North American retailers as much $349 billion annually.

With Dragonfruit AI’s intelligent stock management solution, you can improve customer satisfaction and inventory management with a single solution that leverages real-time, app-based alerts to deliver all-new levels of visibility, accuracy, integration, scalability, and ease of use. It’s not just a tool — it's an intelligent, data-driven ally in the battle against empty shelves.

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A Better Way to Handle Out-of-Stock Detection & Management

Dragonfruit lets you track stock levels down to the SKU, anywhere in the store — from center stocks to those hard-to-manage areas like produce and front-of-store displays. It then leverages cutting-edge AI to forecast demand and trigger timely re-orders​, even sending messages directly to DSD suppliers.

Dragonfruit stock management software also delivers tailored insights to drive more efficient task management, optimizing staff actions to drive a better ROI for your labor budget​​. And it directly integrates with your existing systems for seamless operation and ease of use.



The Dragonfruit Difference

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Immediate Alerts

Instant stock-out notifications at the SKU level help you avoid missed opportunities and disappointed customers.

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Efficiency Boost

Tailored insights mean faster restocking, better inventory control, and reduced waste for smarter resource management.

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Added Profitability

Dragonfruit makes proactive stock management easy, boosting your bottom line with fewer lost sales and better use of labor.

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