Stock-out Detection

partnering with Google

AI-powered Stock-out Detection in partnership with Google

In the dynamic landscape of retail, managing shelf stock-outs can be a challenging task. These stock-outs not only impact potential sales but also risk alienating customers, driving them towards competitors. Traditional stock-out detection tools often grapple with real-time visibility, accuracy, seamless integration, and scalability.

To address these challenges, Dragonfruit is proud to unveil our revolutionary AI-powered stock-out detection solution. Leveraging a strategic partnership with Google, we employ advanced computer vision technology to monitor millions of products on store shelves. When a stock-out is detected, we send real-time alerts via email, text, or direct integrations into your centralized systems. Promising an impressive ROI of 10x and heightened customer satisfaction, Dragonfruit's Stock-out Detection app is set to transform the retail operations landscape.

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Detect shelf inventory stock-outs on millions of items, down to the SKU level.

Receive real-time alerts on out-of-stock or low-stock items and track trends from a single browser-based interface.


Dragonfruit's stocker management drives role-specific insights and actions. Custom dashboards, tailored insights, and streamlined task management ensure optimal inventory control.

Unlock the future of Inventory Management

Increased ROI

Minimizes lost sales due to stock shortages

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Ensures product availability and reduced restocking wait-times

Better Inventory Management

Helps forecast product demand to trigger timely re-orders

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