AI-Powered Venue Management Software

Enhance security, improve your customer experience, and optimize operational efficiency with a comprehensive, AI-driven solution for venue management.

The Value of a Safe Environment

Maximize your revenue with minimal investment by using the camera network and bandwidth you already have to make sure every event runs smoothly and securely, and every moment of downtime is monitored for safety and compliance.

Dragonfruit AI unifies every aspect of venue management to more effectively combat theft, safety violations, and legal and regulatory non-compliance issues. Our patented detection technology and advanced video analytics also help you maximize efficiency, more quickly discover and resolve trouble spots, minimize legal risk, and empower safer, more profitable operations.

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Frontier Base Station
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Base Station Hardware and Venue Management Apps

Dragonfruit AI is designed to capture each venue’s unique pulse, merging traditional VMS with AI-driven insights to improve crowd management, security, and operational oversight — and shore up revenue in the process.

Our patented Split AI technology and the advanced processing power of the revolutionary Base Station serve as the foundation for more than a dozen venue management apps that provide accessible and actionable real-time data, helping you ensure safety, compliance, and the best possible guest experience across every location.

Apps for Venues

Alarm Apps for Venue Management

Mitigate the risk of loss, violence, and other costly incidents while safeguarding your patrons and bottom line with proactive alarm monitoring apps from Dragonfruit AI.

Optimize & improve every moment with AI-driven venue management

From intimate gallery openings to large-scale amusement parks, every moment matters in venue management. Ensure security, optimize visitor flow, and enhance experience management with unparalleled insights, tools, and features designed just for venues.

By streamlining monitoring, alarms, and analysis into one cohesive platform, Dragonfruit AI help you focus on delivering memorable experiences while also maintaining the highest standards of safety and compliance — much of it almost automatically, thanks to the power of AI.

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The Dragonfruit Difference

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Deployment in Days

The portable, plug-and-play Base Station (included in the licensing fees) and hybrid cloud model deploy fast — think days, not weeks.

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Full Customization

Dragonfruit AI seamlessly integrates with your existing mobile apps to enhance venue management and ensure customer satisfaction.

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Maintain or Upgrade

Use your existing camera network, or upgrade it for even more opportunities to monitor new spaces and gather actionable insights and information.

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