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Optimize transaction speed, volume, and satisfaction with precision queue wait time analysis.

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Eliminate Checkout Delays with Queue Management from Dragonfruit AI

Step into a future where every second counts, and everyone leaves with a smile: Dragonfruit AI customer queue wait time analysis and management harnesses the power of machine learning to provide the real-time metrics that enable smarter staffing decisions, more efficient checkout flows, and happier customers.

Poised to redefine how customer queues are managed, Dragonfruit AI seamlessly integrates with your current customer-facing apps and backend operational tools to provide the info you need to optimize wait times across your entire organization. More than just a traffic counter, it’s a precision tool to ensure a superior customer experience and maximize revenue.

Your Strategic Ally in Enhancing the Visitor Experience

Accurate customer wait time analysis is essential for providing the best possible visitor experience and cultivating an environment where sales flourish. Queue management is critical in retail, hospitality and service, and other transaction-focused settings, where long lines can impede purchase volume and tarnish the customer experience — not to mention your own reputation.

Whether you're managing a retail space, amusement park, or any public space with checkouts or other queues, you’ll find the actionable, data-driven insights you need to drive revenue-enhancing improvements with Dragonfruit AI.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

Dragonfruit AI has been rigorously tested in some of the biggest and most complex spaces, and emerged with a 95%+ accuracy rate — even in parks with big lines and limited camera coverage.


Scalable to Your Needs

From small venues with limited floor space to vast theme parks with intricate ride queues, Dragonfruit AI scales to meet your specific needs without compromising accuracy.


Built-in Affordability

Our customer wait time analysis platform is available without a major investment or long-term commitments, so any business can enhance its visitor experience without straining its budget.



The Dragonfruit Difference

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Proven in the Field

Our system has been rigorously tested in real-world scenarios to ensure reliable, consistent performance.

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Adaptable to Any Setting

Get consistent and precise insights scaled to virtually any customer setting, from sprawling theme parks to intimate venues.

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Actionable Insights

Get maximum value from your efforts to improve the customer experience with accurate, actionable, affordable data.

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