Queue Wait Times

Precision Wait Time Analysis for Environments of All Scales.

Accurately gauging queue wait times is paramount for venues aiming to enhance visitor experience. While there are myriad solutions that claim accuracy, few stand the test of complex environments with extensive queues and limited camera visibility. This is where the distinction between a generic solution and a battle-tested one becomes evident.

Our Queue Wait Times system is not just another counter; it's a precision tool endorsed by giants in the amusement industry. Leading parks, including SeaWorld, rely on our solution to calculate wait times for their intricate ride environments, even with extensive lines and limited camera coverage — achieving a staggering 95%+ accuracy rate. Yet, the beauty of our system lies in its scalability. From the sprawling expanses of theme parks to smaller venues, it delivers consistent results. Battle-tested, scalable, and affordable, our system is poised to redefine how establishments manage and optimize queues.

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Endorsed by Industry Leaders

When giants like SeaWorld entrust their visitor experience to a solution, it speaks volumes. Our Queue Wait Times system has been rigorously tested in some of the most challenging amusement park environments, consistently proving its mettle by delivering precise wait time estimations, even in areas with limited camera visibility.

Remarkable Accuracy & Scalability

Achieving 95%+ accuracy isn't just a claim; it's a testament to our system's prowess. Whether you're operating a vast amusement park with intricate ride queues or a smaller venue seeking to optimize visitor flow, our system scales to fit your needs, ensuring that accuracy is never compromised.

Affordable Precision

High accuracy and scalability don't necessitate a hefty price tag. Our Queue Wait Times system offers unparalleled precision at a cost that establishments of all sizes find reasonable. This ensures that venues can enhance visitor experience without straining their budgets.

The Dragonfruit Difference

Proven in the Trenches

Used by industry leaders, our system has been rigorously tested in real-world scenarios, ensuring reliability and consistent performance.

Versatility in Application

From expansive parks to smaller venues, our system adapts, ensuring every establishment benefits from precise wait time insights.

Optimal Investment

Offering top-tier accuracy and scalability at an affordable rate, our system guarantees maximum value, enhancing visitor experience and operational efficiency

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