Weapon Detection System

Leverage AI-powered video analysis to get immediate detection of visible weapons.

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Elevate Security with AI-Driven Video Analysis for Weapon Detection

Ensure the safety of your employees, customers, assets, and peace of mind with next-generation weapon detection software that leverages the power of advanced computer vision to detect and track violent weapons and behavior across your entire premises — no matter how big, remote, or complex.

Utilizing advanced video analytics, Dragonfruit AI scans multiple camera feeds to instantly detect weapons in real time, ensuring a first line of defense that’s robust, affordable, and designed to help you avoid the damage, disruption, legal liability, and financial repercussions of violent incidents.

Advanced Video AI Gun Detection & Weapon Surveillance

Traditional surveillance requires constant vigilance, which is both labor-intensive and prone to human error, especially when monitoring multiple camera feeds at once. Dragonfruit AI leverages advanced technology to overcome the limitations of old-school monitoring, giving you the power to automatically monitor a virtually unlimited network of cameras efficiently, effectively, and affordably.

Developed in partnership with Konica Minolta, our technology is also equipped with real-time alerts and access control lockdowns to help prevent escalation proactively. It all adds up to a weapon detection solution that isn’t just transformative, but a must-have security tool for large venues, campuses, and any public or retail space.

wide range of weapons

Broad Weapon Recognition

Openly carried, our system identifies a wide range of weapons in diverse environments, translating to proactive security measures and a safer environment for all present.

multi cameras

Efficient Multi-Camera Coverage

Use your own camera networks for coverage that’s not only comprehensive but affordable, too, ensuring a safe environment without the prohibitive costs usually associated with large-scale monitoring.


Optimized with Screener+ Monitoring

Use in combination with Screener+ remote monitoring to further ensure that detected threats are addressed in real-time, with constant oversight and rapid response coordination from expert personnel.



The Dragonfruit Difference

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The Power of Computer Vision

Leverage the power of computer vision tech to swiftly detect visible weapons.

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Cost-Effective Coverage

Easy integration with existing infrastructure delivers unparalleled surveillance efficiency across numerous cameras without stretching the budget.

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Screener+ Synergy

The pairing of our alarm with Screener+ offers an integrated approach to security, ensuring constant oversight and rapid interventions.

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