Visible Weapons Alarm

Immediate Detection of Visible Weapons Across Broad Surveillance Networks.

In today's heightened security landscape, the immediate detection of visible weapons is paramount to ensuring the safety of public spaces, venues, and facilities. Traditional surveillance methods require constant monitoring, which is both labor-intensive and prone to human error, especially when monitoring multiple camera feeds simultaneously.

The Visible Weapons Alarm app brings a transformative solution to this pressing concern. Utilizing advanced video analytics, it scans multiple camera feeds to instantly detect visible weapons, ensuring a robust first line of defense. When paired with Screener+, our top-tier remote monitoring service, the efficiency is unmatched, guaranteeing rapid responses.

Our proud partnership with Konica Minolta amplifies the capability and reach of this solution, providing a cost-effective method to monitor a vast number of cameras and enhance overall security.

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Broad-Spectrum Weapon Detection

Our Visible Weapons Alarm is adept at identifying a wide range of weapons in diverse environments. Whether it's concealed or openly carried, our system ensures comprehensive detection, translating to proactive security measures and a safer environment for all present.

Efficient Multi-Camera Coverage

Covering a large number of cameras efficiently is a challenge for many systems. Our app, backed by our partnership with Konica Minolta, guarantees cost-effective surveillance over expansive camera networks. This efficiency ensures comprehensive coverage without the prohibitive costs usually associated with large-scale monitoring.

Optimized with Screener+ Monitoring

The power of the Visible Weapons Alarm is further amplified when coupled with Screener+. This remote monitoring service ensures that any detected threats are addressed in real-time, with expert personnel overseeing the situation and coordinating rapid responses, ensuring the utmost safety.

The Dragonfruit Difference

Immediate Threat Detection

Our system's ability to swiftly detect visible weapons, regardless of their type or manner of concealment, sets a new standard in proactive security.

Cost-Effective Wide Coverage

With the combined prowess of our technology and our collaboration with Konica Minolta, we offer unparalleled surveillance efficiency across numerous cameras, ensuring maximum security without stretching budgets.

Screener+ Synergy

The pairing of our alarm with Screener+ offers an integrated approach to security, ensuring constant oversight and rapid interventions.

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