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Centrally Access All Your Locations with Seamless Integration.

For multi-location enterprises, accessing surveillance feeds from different NVRs or VMSs can be a logistical nightmare. The fragmented nature of traditional systems not only hinders real-time monitoring but can also pose challenges in ensuring uniform security standards across locations.

Enter Remote View by Dragonfruit. This solution empowers businesses to seamlessly integrate all their surveillance systems, making them centrally accessible from the headquarters over the internet. With a swift installation process that takes under 15 minutes, organizations can revolutionize their surveillance oversight. The added benefit of role-based access ensures that only authorized personnel can view specific camera feeds, enhancing security and operational efficiency.

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One-Time Quick Integration

Forget tedious setups. Remote View offers a hassle-free installation process that seamlessly integrates with your existing NVRs or VMSs. Within a mere 15 minutes, unlock the power of centralized surveillance access, irrespective of your location's individual systems.

Centralized Internet Access

Break free from the constraints of traditional surveillance systems. Remote View ensures that every camera feed from all your locations is just a click away. Access real-time surveillance from your headquarters, ensuring consistent oversight and immediate response capabilities.

Role-Based Access Control

Security and operational efficiency go hand in hand with Remote View. With its role-based access feature, businesses can define who gets to see which camera feeds. This not only safeguards sensitive surveillance data but also streamlines operational workflows, ensuring the right people have the right access.

The Dragonfruit Difference

Unified Surveillance

By bridging the gaps between different NVRs and VMSs, Remote View offers a unified surveillance experience, ensuring consistent security protocols across locations.

Swift Setup

Time is of the essence, and with Remote View's quick integration, businesses can elevate their surveillance capabilities within minutes, not days.

Tailored Access

Gone are the days of generic access. Remote View’s role-based system ensures precise control over surveillance access, aligning with operational needs and security protocols.

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