Liquid Spill Detection

Minimize risk and maximize safety with a liquid spill detection system that’s powered by video AI.

Customer spilled produce in AisleAlert "Customer spilled produce in Aisle 3"Chemical spill on back palettesStatus "Open", Priority "1", Comment "Chemical spill on back palettes"

Prompt Detection of All Spills, Regardless of Type or Color.

Liquid spills in high-traffic areas are more than just operational interruptions — they’re major safety risks. Tackle the challenge head on with the Dragonfruit AI liquid spill detection system, which uses advanced video analytics to detect an array of spills, from the transparent to the vivid, and deliver the real-time alerts your team needs to take the best possible course of action.

Whether it's a clear liquid that's hard to spot or a brightly colored spill, a large puddle or a persistent leak, Dragonfruit AI uses advanced video analytics to detect a broad array of spills in real time and deliver the immediate alerts your team needs to take the fastest, most effective action.

Reduce Safety Hazards, Operational Disruptions & Injury Claims

Liquid spills are a big slip hazard, and can cause costly accidents. Immediate response is critical, not only in high-risk industries like shipping and manufacturing but also every retail, industrial, and educational setting. But old-school detection is increasingly missing the mark, resulting in oversights that can escalate into potential liabilities.

Leverage the power of AI-powered liquid spill detection to enable not just quicker clean-ups but a safer overall environment — all while minimizing disruptions and protecting your organization from costly injury claims. Take safety to the next level with the Dragonfruit AI liquid spill detection software and app.

detect and alert on liquid spills

Broad-Spectrum Spill Detection

Whether it's a water leak that's hard to discern or a brightly colored beverage, our liquid and leak detection system is engineered to identify a broad range of spills to ensure comprehensive detection.

incident archiving

Long-Term Incident Archiving

After enabling immediate action, each detected spill is archived to facilitate operational review and efficiency, training, or addressing potential future claims, legal actions or investigations.

Security camera streaming real-time footage

Seamless Integration with Your Camera Network

Dragonfruit AI is designed to work with your existing camera setups, delivering the benefits of advanced spill detection using the system you already have without big hardware investments.



The Dragonfruit Difference

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Versatile Detection

From the transparent to the vibrant, we leverage video AI and real-time monitoring to detect the widest possible spectrum of spills.

number 2

Alerts & Documentation

Real-time alerts and extended archiving of incidents offer both immediate intervention and a robust record-keeping solution.

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Maximize Existing Assets

The Dragonfruit AI Base Station works with your current camera infrastructure, with no additional investments required.

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