Liquid Spill Alarm

Prompt Detection of Spills, Regardless of Type or Color.

Liquid spills in high-traffic areas can be more than just operational interruptions; they pose significant safety risks. Whether it's a clear liquid that's hard to spot or a brightly colored spill, traditional detection methods often miss the mark. This oversight can escalate into potential hazards, leading to slips and subsequent liabilities.

The Liquid Spill Alarm app is designed to tackle this challenge head-on. With advanced video analytics, it can detect an array of spills, from the transparent to the vivid. The proactive detection, paired with features like long-term incident archiving and real-time alerts, ensures that establishments can swiftly address and document spills, thereby enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

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Broad-Spectrum Spill Detection

Our Liquid Spill Alarm is meticulously engineered to identify a diverse range of spills. Whether it's a water spill that's hard to discern or a brightly colored beverage, our system ensures comprehensive detection. This capability translates to quicker clean-ups and a safer environment, minimizing potential hazards and disruptions.


Real-time Alerts & Extended Archiving

Immediate response is crucial in the event of a spill. Our system provides instantaneous alerts, enabling personnel to act swiftly. Beyond immediate response, each detected spill is archived for an extended period. This proactive documentation is invaluable for establishments, be it for reviewing operational efficiency, training purposes, or addressing potential future claims.

Optimized for Existing Cameras

Leveraging the infrastructure you already possess, our Liquid Spill Alarm is optimized to work with existing camera setups. This ensures that establishments can benefit from advanced spill detection without the need for additional hardware investments, making it a cost-effective and efficient solution.

The Dragonfruit Difference

Versatile Detection

Our system's capability to detect a wide spectrum of spills, from the transparent to the vibrant, ensures a consistent safety net.

Timely Action & Documentation

Our app's real-time alerts coupled with extended archiving offer both immediate intervention and a robust record-keeping solution.

Maximized Existing Assets

Designed to work perfectly with your current camera infrastructure, our alarm offers advanced capabilities without additional hardware demands.

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