Analytics Apps from Dragonfruit AI

Improve loss prevention, inventory management, and more with AI-powered commercial and retail video analytics apps from Dragonfruit AI.

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Video Analytics Apps

AI-Powered Industrial, Commercial & Retail Video Analytics

Transform your camera feeds into powerful sources of retail video analytics: Dragonfruit AI analytics apps can help you improve everything from visitor queues to loss prevention be leveraging cutting-edge video AI technology to deliver high-level, actionable insights.  

Combining real-time video monitoring, advanced analytical capabilities using computer vision technology, and immediate alerts, Dragonfruit AI makes it easy and affordable to leverage highly advanced technology like remote view and video AI to drive revenue in every part of your enterprise.

Analytics to Improve Loss Prevention, Customer Analytics & More

Priced to be accessible to virtually any business, Dragonfruit AI analytics apps are part of a larger platform that deliver customizable insights into every layer of your operations. Useful for any industry, our technology drives not only retail video analytics but also gives entertainment venues, industrial facilities, and other public spaces the data they need to improve safety, visitor flow, and more.

For instance, the stock-out detection, POS exception and self-checkout fraud detection apps protect revenue by reducing shrink and helping you avoid empty shelves. Meanwhile, the people counter and queue management apps optimize customer flow and service efficiency, while our retail insights app uncovers shopper behaviors to boost sales.

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Analytics Apps

From loss prevention to customer tracking and visitor mapping, each Dragonfruit AI analytics app is a cog in a larger machine that’s designed to drive financial and operational efficiency. Together, they provide a comprehensive, cost-effective solution for improving performance and maximizing profitability.


The Dragonfruit Difference

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Upgraded Camera Tech

Get more value from the cameras you already own by applying advanced analytics to real-time video feeds for actionable insights.

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Seamless Adaptability

Our analytics apps are available via our proprietary, plug-and-play system, or enjoy seamless integration with your own NVR/VMS system.

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Priced for Affordability

Choose the combination of analytics apps that works best for your current needs, and scale up as you grow your operations.

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