Retail Point of Sale (POS) Management

Protect your bottom line with POS exception reporting software from Dragonfruit AI.

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Reduce Loss and Shore up Revenue with AI-Driven POS Analytics

Especially as the use of self-service surges, reliable POS exception reporting is an essential tool for protecting your revenue from retail fraud, error, and other POS discrepancies. It’s also key to understanding the larger trends that ultimately drive your business.

Safeguard revenue and ensure operational integrity with point-of-sale inventory management software that seamlessly synchronizes all your current POS data with real-time video and analytical tools to deliver a comprehensive, holistic view of every transaction: Get the insights you need to shore up revenue and keep customers happy with Dragonfruit AI.

Merging POS Data & Video AI for Robust Transaction Oversight

From a missing customer to an unusual pattern, Dragonfruit AI merges POS data with real-time video and AI-powered analysis of customer and associate behavior to identify irregular activities and issue the appropriate alerts, so you can correct the problem as quickly as possible.

Harness the power of AI to better detect anomalies, deviations, and other malicious or accidental transactions while getting a clear window into your operations thanks to the huge amounts of business intelligence available from your POS data. Protect your financial health and safeguard your future, transaction by transaction, with point-of-sale management from Dragonfruit AI.

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Integrated Video Analysis

From restaurants to retail spaces, integrating POS data with real-time video AI helps uncover discrepancies that signal loss, like transactions without customers or abnormal discounting.

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Instant Transaction Review

Zoom into any transactional event, complete with real-time video footage, to ensure that investigations are thorough, swift, and backed by documented visual evidence.

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Flexible Input

We’ve got your preferred input covered with adaptive data handling: POS transactions can be fed into the system in batches or in real time to ensure immediate oversight.



The Dragonfruit Difference

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Complete Oversight

Combining POS data with video analytics, our system places every transaction under scrutiny to eliminate all unnoticed discrepancies.

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Evidence-Based Investigations

Access to video footage from every transaction gives you the evidence you need for internal investigations and conflict resolution.

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Seamless Integration

Our POS exception reporting tool seamlessly integrates with your existing systems to prevent loss at minimal expense.

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