Point-of-Sale Exceptions

Merging POS Data & Video for Robust Transaction Oversight.

Point-of-Sale (POS) systems are at the heart of many businesses, processing countless transactions daily. However, with such volume comes the risk of irregularities, whether accidental or malicious. Traditional oversight methods might catch glaring discrepancies, but subtle suspicious activities, like transactions occurring without customers present, often go unnoticed.

The Point-of-Sale Exceptions app by Dragonfruit bridges this oversight gap. By synchronizing POS data with real-time video feeds, it provides a comprehensive view of each transaction. Whether it's a cashier ringing up sales without a customer in sight or any other unusual activity, our system flags it. What's more, businesses can delve into any transaction, accessing the associated video footage to thoroughly investigate potential discrepancies. With flexibility in data input, whether real-time or batched, our solution ensures businesses have a vigilant eye on their POS, safeguarding revenues and ensuring operational integrity.

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Integrated POS & Video Analysis

Our system seamlessly merges POS data with video analytics, creating a holistic view of every transaction. This synergy ensures that any irregularity, from a missing customer during a transaction to unusual purchase patterns, is promptly identified and flagged for review.

Instant Transaction Review

Suspicious transaction? With our app, businesses can zoom into any transactional event, accessing associated video footage in real-time. This capability ensures that investigations are thorough, swift, and backed by visual evidence, enabling accurate decision-making.

Flexible Data Input Modes

Understanding the diverse operational needs of businesses, our system is designed for flexibility. POS transactions can be fed into the system either in real-time, ensuring immediate oversight, or in batches, catering to businesses with different data processing approaches.

The Dragonfruit Difference

Holistic Oversight

Combining POS data with video analytics, our system ensures that every transaction is under scrutiny, leaving no room for discrepancies to go unnoticed.

Evidence-Based Investigations

The ability to access video footage for any transaction ensures businesses have all the evidence they need to investigate and resolve potential issues.

Adaptive Data Handling

Whether your business processes data in real-time or in batches, our system adapts, ensuring consistent and reliable oversight.

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