Self-Checkout Fraud Detector

Mitigating Fraud Scenarios at Self-Checkout Points with Advanced Detection.

Self-checkout points, while offering speed and convenience, are often susceptible to a myriad of fraud scenarios. From weight manipulation to barcode swapping, these vulnerabilities can lead to significant revenue losses for retailers. Traditional monitoring solutions can miss subtle fraud techniques, resulting in undetected discrepancies and potential profit drain.

In collaboration with Google, Dragonfruit introduces the Self-Checkout Fraud Detector, a cutting-edge solution designed to identify and mitigate the most common self-checkout fraud scenarios. Our system uses state-of-the-art camera technology to monitor each transaction, ensuring that discrepancies, whether accidental or deliberate, are caught in real-time. As a testament to its efficacy, we offer a free report showcasing potential savings businesses can achieve by deploying our solution, presenting a compelling case for enhanced security at self-checkout points.

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Top Fraud Scenarios Detection

Our system is meticulously engineered to detect prevalent self-checkout fraud tactics, including weight manipulation, barcode swapping, item concealment, and 'pass-around' techniques where unpaid items bypass the scanner. This comprehensive oversight ensures that even subtle fraudulent activities are promptly identified and addressed.

Co-Developed with Google

Our collaboration with tech giant Google has empowered the Self-Checkout Fraud Detector with unparalleled capabilities. Leveraging Google's advanced technology and Dragonfruit's industry insights, our solution offers retailers a robust and reliable defense against self-checkout fraud.

Free Savings Report

We're confident in the value our solution brings. To demonstrate this, we offer retailers a free report detailing the potential savings they can achieve by deploying our Self-Checkout Fraud Detector. This data-driven approach showcases the tangible financial benefits of enhanced self-checkout security.

The Dragonfruit Difference

Comprehensive Fraud Insight

Designed to recognize and counter the most common self-checkout fraud techniques, our system ensures retailers are shielded from potential revenue losses.

Tech Titan Collaboration

Our partnership with Google reinforces the system's capability, offering retailers a solution backed by some of the best tech minds in the industry.

Transparent ROI

Through our free savings report, retailers can visualize the direct financial benefits of our solution, ensuring a smart and informed investment.

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