Self-Checkout Theft & Loss Prevention

Eliminate fraud and theft at self-service checkouts with a budget-friendly solution that’s powered by computer vision and AI technology.

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AI-Powered Self-Checkout Monitoring

If you’re using self-service checkout but not protecting against theft and fraud, you may be contributing to the $100+ billion in shrinkage retailers face each year. Unmonitored, self-checkout loss (SCOL) increases shrinkage not just through deliberate theft but also accidental misuse.

Using advanced, AI-powered video analytics and real-time monitoring, self-checkout theft management from Dragonfruit is specifically designed to correct these losses while helping to safeguard your revenue, the integrity of your operations, and the quality of your customer experience.


Fraud Detection & Prevention

Given its popularity among customers — and the investment you may have already made — giving up on self checkout simply isn’t an option for many retailers. And with Dragonfruit AI self-checkout loss protection, it doesn’t have to be. 

Carefully engineered to detect the most common forms of self-checkout fraud — concealment, weight manipulation, barcode swapping, “pass-around” techniques, and more — the Dragonfruit AI self-checkout theft prevention solution protects your revenue without compromising customer convenience, and without the need for a big investment in new hardware or tech.

SCOL Prevention Features

From detecting non-scans and switched products to helping avoid walkouts due to customer frustration, Dragonfruit AI self-checkout loss prevention suite offers all the features you need to prevent self checkout shrinkage while improving the customer experience. 

  • Easily integrates with the point-of-sales (POS) systems you already use
  • Provides real-time alerts to detect and prevent loss before it’s too late
  • Delivers customer prompts to reduce the need for staff intervention
  • Easily adapts to any environment and learns new patterns and products as needed
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Self-Checkout Theft Prevention FAQs

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The Dragonfruit Difference

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AI-Powered Precision

Reduce self-checkout shrink with AI-enhanced monitoring that detects subtle fraud techniques that traditional methods miss.

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Real-Time Loss Detection

Monitor each transaction in real time to better catch discrepancies, whether accidental or deliberate, as they happen.

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Co-Developed with Google

Developed in collaboration with Google, our SCOL solution is backed by one of the biggest and most reliable names in technology.

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