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Harness the power of advanced, video-based retail data analytics from Dragonfruit AI to improve security, efficiency, product placement, customer experience, and much more.

AI-Powered Video Analytics for Retail

From foot traffic to self-checkout fraud to on-site security, our AI-driven video analytics provide a deeper dive into the metrics that matter, giving you and your team the info to make informed strategic choices. This is not just data — it's the future of in-person retail, informed and inspired by your shoppers' journeys.

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Apps for Retail

Merchandize & Marketing

Elevate your retail space to a high-performance marketing arena with AI-powered video analytics apps from Dragonfruit AI.

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retail protection apps
Apps for Retail

Fortify Your Assets with Dragonfruit's Asset Protection Apps

Our asset protection apps offer a robust defense against a range of threats, ensuring the safety of your premises, employees, customers, and revenue.

Apps for Retail

Loss Prevention Suite

Dragonfruit AI's suite of loss prevention apps is revolutionizing retail with smart, AI-driven safeguards against the rising tide of theft and fraud — a $100 billion+ dilemma.

Loss Prevention

Apps for retail

Base Station Hardware Plus the Monitoring Apps

Seize the full potential of retail analytics with Dragonfruit’s plug-and-play VMS+ hardware and retail apps — the cornerstone of a secure and continuously improving store operation, at pricing that works for all enterprise deployment levels.

Go beyond surveillance with real-time video analytics that combine loss prevention, customer insights, and case management into a single, bandwidth-efficient stream, all while seamlessly integrating existing camera networks.

From integrating remote view across your entire camera network to achieving next-level digital investigations, we ensure that every transaction and customer interaction is secure and optimized, driving improvements in operational excellence and your power to safeguard your assets and revenue.

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The Dragonfruit Difference

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Retail Analytics, a la Carte

Choose the retail analytics solution that best meets your needs with per-app pricing, then enjoy rapid deployment and scale up at your pace and budget.

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No Need for New Cameras

Our retail data analytics are powered by the security cameras and VMS you already use to monitor your space, all united by a single platform.

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Video-Based AI

We offer a new way to harness the information in your video feeds to drive key improvements in customer mapping, security, accident prevention, and more.

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