The Difference Between Map- vs. Camera-based Approaches to Occupancy

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar


Dec 18, 2022

Cover image of the What's the difference between map-based and camera-based approaches? video, Occupancy Management, Episode 15, Dragonfruit Learning Series

What’s the difference between map-based vs. camera-based approaches to occupancy? TL;DR, a map-based approach more closely aligns with the business problems you’re trying to solve.

Camera-based approaches typically deploy one camera with a great field of view and count people in a space. 

But it’s a very technical approach – people interested in occupancy are interested in the business aspects, such as what’s the traffic like in my space, where are people lingering, etc. 

WithDragonfruit you start with a map – an exterior map or floor plan – and delineate areas of interest such as the lobby, the video section, the checkout stands, etc. You can then determine what’s happening in that space and get answers to business questions such as what’s the traffic over days/weeks/months, how many people went to a certain area over the last day, or be alerted if someone enters an area after a certain time.

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