Slip/Trip/Fall Alarm

Advanced Pose Detection for Enhanced Safety & Long-Term Incident Archiving.

In busy environments — be it retail spaces, venues, or other large facilities — slips, trips, and falls pose significant safety risks and potential liabilities. While traditional Video Management Systems (VMS) offer limited retention, they often lack the capability to hold onto critical footage necessary for future reference or insurance claims.

Enter the Slip/Trip/Fall Alarm app. Powered by state-of-the-art human pose detection AI, this system not only promptly identifies potential safety hazards but also ensures their long-term archival. With this dual approach, establishments are well-equipped to improve customer service, handle insurance claims, and enhance overall safety, all while staying prepared for any unforeseen legal challenges.

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Extended Incident Archiving

Moving beyond the confines of typical VMS retention, our app archives incidents for an extended duration. This foresight ensures that establishments are equipped with the necessary evidence, irrespective of when a claim surfaces, reinforcing their protective stance and mitigating potential disputes.

Real-Time Alerts & Monitoring

Immediate action is often the key to mitigating risks. Our system’s real-time alerts allow personnel to address potential hazards right away, ensuring the well-being of all present and minimizing immediate dangers.

State-of-the-Art Pose Detection

Leveraging cutting-edge human pose detection AI, our system delves deep into video feeds, recognizing postures and movements indicative of slips, trips, or falls. This ensures unparalleled accuracy and timely response, elevating safety standards across various establishments.

The Dragonfruit Difference

Extended Archiving

While many systems offer fleeting retention, our solution ensures evidence remains at hand, catering to future requirements and claims.

Prompt Intervention

Equipped with real-time alerts, our system bridges the gap between hazard detection and resolution, ensuring a safer environment.

Unmatched Precision

By harnessing the latest in pose detection technology, our alarm sets an industry benchmark, guaranteeing a safer, more secure space for all.

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