Customer Fall, Slip & Trip Detection

Prioritize in-store safety with the advanced pose detection of Dragonfruit AI customer safety monitoring.

Employee fallen off ladderComment "Employee fallen off ladder. Was wearing proper ppe gear"Employee fallen on stairsAlert "Employee fallen on stairs by Camera 2"

Maximize Protection with Video AI-Powered Slip, Trip & Fall Detection

The cost of slip and fall incidents can run into the tens of thousands — and that’s not even including reputational damage. Avoid the risk of costly accidents and better detect customer slips, trips, and falls with AI-powered customer safety monitoring from Dragonfruit AI.

Applying advanced human pose detection AI to the cameras you already own, Dragonfruit AI vigilantly scans for hazards in real time and issues instant alerts so you can react as quickly as possible to mitigate harm. And automated incident analysis and archiving provides full understanding and documentation of every slip, trip, fall, or other customer accident.

Mitigate Risk & Improve Safety Across Your Entire Organization with Easy-to-Use Computer Vision Tech

Seamlessly integrating advanced, cutting-edge computer vision technology like image classification, scene understanding, and AI video motion tracking into your existing real-time video feeds, Dragonfruit AI offers an affordable way for virtually every business to protect itself against costly customer accidents.

Leverage the power of AI-powered pose detection to better react to emergencies and even prevent them: Optimize every environment you manage for safety, security, and operational excellence with the Dragonfruit AI fall, slip, and trip detection software and app system.

incident archiving

Long-Term Incident Archiving

Move beyond the confines of standard VMS retention and equip your organization with the visual evidence needed for future reference or insurance claims with automatic long-term incident archiving.

Real-Time Alerts dashboard

AI-Powered Pose Detection

The Dragonfruit AI system scans your video feeds vigilantly, leveraging cutting-edge human pose detection AI to automatically spot the postures, and movements that indicate slips, trips, or falls.

pose detection

Adaptable to Your Needs

Vital for settings with high foot traffic like universities or manufacturing facilities, the Dragonfruit AI customer safety monitor is also suited for retail spaces, entertainment venues, or any other large facility.



The Dragonfruit Difference

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Extended Documentation

Unlike traditional video management systems, Dragonfruit AI documents and archives critical footage for extended periods.

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Rapid Response Enabled

Because immediate action is essential to risk mitigation, we use real-time alerts to help you address potential hazards right away.

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State-of-the-Art Precision

Dragonfruit leverages the latest in AI-powered pose detection and computer vision technology to minimize false alarms.

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