Fire & Smoke Detection System

Protect your business with a commercial fire alarm system that’s powered by computer vision technology.

The fire is burning and AI is emphasizing itAlert: Fire ignited near propane tanksFire burning near propane tankComment: "Fire outside building caused customers to evacuate opposite entrance"

Rapid Smoke Detection in Spaces Traditional Alarms Can't Cover

Minimize the risk of fire and the damage and disruption that come with it: Protect your space with Dragonfruit AI and get an app-based, AI-powered solution for the rapid and early detection of smoke and fire across every square inch of your operations.

Essential for retail stores and schools no less than for sprawling industrial and commercial spaces, the Dragonfruit AI fire detection system delivers rapid detection — even before smoke reaches traditional sensors — allowing for a swift emergency response before a fire can escalate. Real-time alerts and comprehensive coverage, even during off-hours, keep your facilities secure around the clock.

Designed for Rapid Fire Detection in Any Type of Space

The longer a fire goes unnoticed, the greater the eventual disruption, costs of repair, and revenue loss. But early detection is difficult in open spaces, or where traditional smoke alarms are impractical. Relying solely on conventional alarms too often results in delayed responses — by the time the smoke reaches the sensors, it might be too late.

Dragonfruit AI uses advanced video analytics to identify potential fire hazards long before traditional alarms can, ensuring timely interventions and minimized damage, even in large or hard-to-manage spaces. Every second counts in fire incidents: Choose the solution that leverages transformative technology to deliver rapid detection and maximum protection in any environment.

Smoke Alert with Green Bounding Box

Adaptable to Diverse Environments

Whether you're monitoring a large warehouse, a sprawling open-air entertainment venue, or any expansive area, our smoke detection system can fill gaps overlooked by conventional alarms.

Real-time alerts - Fire Smoke dashboard

Response Asset Protection

Dragonfruit AI detects potential hazards long before smoke reaches conventional alarm sensors to prevent premature sprinkler activations and safeguard your assets from unnecessary water damage.

remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring Integration

The Dragonfruit AI fire detection system couples with our remote monitoring service Screener+ to reinforce the safety net around your establishment with a truly integrated approach to security.



The Dragonfruit Difference

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Computer Vision AI

We use computer vision to see where traditional alarms can’t, ensuring consistent detection across diverse environments.

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Faster and More Precise

A higher level of precision in early fire detection powered by video AI analysis expedites response and minimizes damage.

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Full Asset Protection

The Dragonfruit AI smoke detector system is part of a full suite of apps offering protection against a diverse range of threats.

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