Fire/Smoke Alarm

Rapid Detection for Spaces Traditional Alarms Can't Cover.

Fire and smoke incidents in large spaces, especially those where traditional smoke alarms are impractical, pose unique challenges. Relying solely on conventional alarms often results in delayed responses — by the time the smoke reaches the sensors, it might be too late, potentially leading to sprinkler activations that can damage stored products.

The Fire/Smoke Alarm app by Dragonfruit offers a transformative approach to this critical safety concern. Designed for rapid detection, even in expansive areas, this system uses advanced video analytics to identify potential fire or smoke hazards long before traditional alarms would trigger. When paired with Dragonfruit Screener+, our remote monitoring service, businesses achieve unparalleled safety coverage, ensuring timely interventions and minimized damage.

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Adaptable to Diverse Environments

Understanding the limitations of traditional alarms, especially in vast or open spaces, our Fire/Smoke Alarm app is crafted to adapt. Whether you're monitoring a large warehouse, an open-air venue, or any expansive area, our system ensures consistent and reliable smoke and fire detection, filling the gaps that conventional alarms often overlook.

Rapid Response Mechanism

In incidents of fire or smoke, every second counts. Our system is designed for immediacy, detecting potential hazards long before smoke reaches conventional alarm sensors. This rapid response mechanism prevents premature sprinkler activations, safeguarding products and assets from unnecessary water damage.

Integration with Dragonfruit Screener+

For comprehensive coverage, our Fire/Smoke Alarm seamlessly pairs with Dragonfruit Screener+ — our esteemed remote monitoring service. This combination ensures round-the-clock surveillance, immediate alerts, and the ability to take swift action, reinforcing the safety net around your establishment.

The Dragonfruit Difference

Beyond Conventional Alarms

Our solution thrives where traditional alarms falter, ensuring consistent detection across diverse environments.

Swift & Proactive

Leveraging advanced analytics, our system acts promptly, minimizing response delays and potential asset damage.

Enhanced with Screener+

Coupled with our remote monitoring service, our alarm offers an integrated safety approach, ensuring peace of mind and maximum protection.

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