OSHA & PPE Compliance

Ensure worker safety and OSHA compliance with workplace safety compliance monitoring and PPE detection.

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Advanced Detection to Assure Workplace Safety & OSHA Compliance

Make sure your entire operation adheres to laws and standards around personal protective equipment (PPE) with an accuracy and efficiency that manual checks simply can’t achieve. Dragonfruit AI combines video AI and real-time coverage to help ensure worker safety by monitoring, detecting, and alerting for any lapses in PPE usage or other key indicators.

Enabling timely interventions with advanced, real-time detection and precision analytics to ensure the proper use of safety gear, Dragonfruit AI provides a robust safety net against potential accidents, risks, compliance breaches, and other hazards, helping you achieve an environment of safety (and avoid noncompliance fees).

Turn Your Cameras into PPE Detection Cameras

From hard hats and safety vests to face masks and eyewear, Dragonfruit AI monitors a wide range of PPE items, along with adherence to their proper use and other established protocols.  And you get the power to manage the resulting data in the palm of your hand, with app-based video analytics, real-time monitoring, targeted alerts, and lots more.

Ensure safety and regulatory compliance while avoiding the tedium and errors of manual compliance monitoring — and the cost of violation fees. Get continuous vigilance and real-time alerts with Dragonfruit AI, your ally in workplace safety monitoring.

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Customizable Monitoring

In many industries, PPE compliance is a big part of day-to-day life. Regardless of your specific safety requirements, Dragonfruit AI can be customized to meet your unique operational needs.

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Real-Time Alerts for Fast Action

Our compliance monitoring app sends out real-time alerts the moment a lapse is detected, ensuring that issues are addressed promptly to minimize and even prevent accidents.

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Experience You Can Trust

The technology underlying the entire suite of Dragonfruit AI apps has been refined through rigorous real-world use to ensure that both safety and compliance are upheld to the highest standards.



The Dragonfruit Difference

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Beyond Manual Monitoring

Automated and precise, Dragonfruit AI delivers a level of quality and consistency that manual PPE monitoring simply can't match.

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Prompt & Proactive

Real-time alerts ensure immediate intervention, reinforcing safety protocols and helping to get ahead of accidents or violations.

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Trusted Precision

Grounded in Dragonfruit's legacy of accuracy, our compliance app guarantees that safety and compliance are always top priorities.

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