More than Enterprise Video Management: VMS+

Unlock the true power of your video camera network with VMS+ from Dragonfruit AI.

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AI-Driven Video Management, Across Your Entire Enterprise

Introducing the new standard in enterprise video management systems and surveillance: VMS+ from Dragonfruit infuses advanced video AI technology into your existing camera feeds to deliver organization-wide improvements — from better loss prevention to new insights into improving the customer experience, and much more.  

Purpose-built for multi-location enterprises, VMS+ unifies all of your live video feeds — wherever they are — to maximize surveillance and situational awareness across your entire enterprise, and with minimal bandwidth and investment required. It’s the affordable way to make the discoveries — and improvements — that directly affect your bottom line.

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Real-Time Streaming, Search, Alerts, Verification & More

VMS+ serves as the helm of the entire suite of Dragonfruit AI apps, designed to provide not just a complete security solution but also the insights you need to improve crowd control, space management and optimization, checkout loss, and a host of other revenue-enhancing metrics.

With easy integration with existing Access Control systems, VMS+ from Dragonfruit AI is also a key tool in meeting safety and security compliance regulations. Seize the power of AI-driven computer vision technology to boost your security and get a detailed, real-time view across every location in your organization today: Expand your vision with Dragonfruit AI.

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Centralize Video Management

With Dragonfruit AI, you can view and manage multiple-location enterprises from one location for more effective resource allocation, quicker issue resolution, and enhanced operational efficiency.

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Scale to Any Size

Purpose-built to manage thousands of locations, our next-generation video management system is also effective for smaller operations, and designed to easily scale up as you expand your business.

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Minimize Overhead

Thanks to our patented Split AI technology and minimal hardware (included in the price), Dragonfruit AI delivers high-value tech solutions with minimal investment and bandwidth usage.

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Computer Vision Technology

Dragonfruit AI uses computer vision technology to pinpoint individuals or vehicles based on distinctive attributes, sending real-time alerts for incidents, anomalies, and suspicious patterns.

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Tailgating Alerts

The advanced detection power of computer vision technology also enables a much higher level of access control to deliver a truly robust defense against unauthorized entries.

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Advanced Case Management

Infusing video AI into your existing camera network boosts not just surveillance and security but also access control, digital forensics, case management, and other important processes.



The Dragonfruit Difference

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Tech-Driven Value

Dragonfruit AI is designed for affordability, applying cutting-edge tech to your existing infrastructure to maximize value.

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Cloud-Based Storage

Bring your own NAS, or opt for our affordable cloud-based storage to ensure fast, easy, and highly secure access to all video footage.

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Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate all existing cameras to elevate in-store intelligence and ensure every corner is optimally staffed, stocked, and secured.

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