VMS+: The Next Generation VMS

In our interconnected world, gaining real-time insights across multiple locations and managing past incidents can be overwhelming. Traditional Video Management Systems (VMS) are often limited in delivering actionable insights from video due to bolt-on analytics or integration and management complexity.

Dragonfruit's VMS+ revolutionizes video management, offering feature-rich solutions at an unmatched value. Starting at just $2,000 per year, VMS+ harnesses advanced technology for Real-time Streaming, Search, and Alerts, boosting surveillance capabilities. Inclusive of Case Management, innovative Tailgating Alerts, and Access Video Verification, it provides a complete security solution. VMS+ is purpose-built to manage hundreds of locations, and can grow with your business. Dragonfruit's VMS+ is your affordable, forward-looking video management solution.

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Our "single pane of glass" to view and manage multi-location enterprises
provides more effective resource allocation, quicker issue resolution, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Base Station


  • Apple M2 Base Station

  • Optimized for video and ML operations

  • Shipped directly from Apple

  • Effortless install – just plug in Ethernet & power


Pricing starts at just $2000 /location/year for up to 25 cameras. Bring your own NAS for local storage or opt for our affordable cloud storage.

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Unlock the future of video management

Real-time streaming

Unified interface provides live video feeds from all locations, enabling continuous surveillance and enriched situational awareness.

real-time search

AI technology pinpoints individuals or vehicles based on distinctive attributes, enhancing efficiency and precision in decision-making.

real-time alerts

Real-time alerting provides immediate notifications through text, phone, or web hook integrations of any incidents or anomalies.

Case management

Web-based tool for consolidates all incident-related information to make it readily accessible, thereby simplifying investigations.

tailgating alerts

Computer vision technology provides robust defense against unauthorized entries with video enrichment of access control events.

access video verification

Advanced security solution synergizes video surveillance with access control events.

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