Digital Forensics

Leverage advanced analytics and video AI for faster, more thorough digital investigations.

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Streamline Incident Investigations with Digital Forensics AI

Whether you’re investigating a crime, trying to prevent retail loss and shrinkage, or tracking a security incident using camera footage, our digital forensics software leverages the latest tech to help you get the job done faster and with more accuracy than ever before.

Better ensure the security of your premises and find what you’re looking for up to 10 times faster with Dragonfruit AI. Our Digital Investigations Suite (DIS) applies AI to real-time video, archival footage, and even loose media — video can be ingested from any VMS or camera.

Key Features of Dragonfruit Digital Forensics Software

Dragonfruit’s cloud-based investigations management adds a suite of unique features to a foundation of digital storage, analytics, evidence management and reporting tools.

Video Summaries

Compressed Video Summaries

Digital forensics involves copious amounts of video data. Investigators who can’t afford to miss anything must review hours of footage, and do so quickly.

Dragonfruit AI fast-forward squeezes hours of footage into minutes-long video clips, with AI filters to narrow searches by color, object, pattern, etc.

Automatic video redaction. Cars identified and redacted

Automatic Video Redaction

Save time by using video AI to automatically find and redact people or objects before presenting video as evidence instead of tackling it manually.

Dragonfruit’s Redaction Studio can selectively redact and un-redact objects frame by frame, adjust borders, and easily generate a link to safely share the redacted video file.

Digital Video Search dashboard

Digital Video Search

Dramatically speed up searches while expanding the scope of available data with the fastest and most accurate video search in digital forensics.

Dragonfruit AI scans current on-premises data and years’ worth of archives at petabyte-scale in seconds, including metadata search, advanced filters for objects, colors, LPR, and more.

LCR Search dashboard

LPR Search

Bypass the expense of traditional image processing with focused video AI technology: Dragonfruit makes the power and quality of specialized LPR available for every business.

Our software-only solution for license plate recognition works seamlessly with your existing cameras, helping you avoid expensive hardware upgrades and hassles of installing custom hardware.

Timeline View dashboard

Timeline View

When reviewing footage from different sources, it can be tough to align dates and timestamps — and even tougher to track the objects, people or patterns you’re seeking.

Dragonfruit Timelines is a faster, better way to build a holistic picture of any incident and accurately document events from different viewpoints and across a variety of sources.

Easy Uploads dashboard

Easy Uploads

Easily add video from your VMS — we’ve got pre-built integrations with the industry’s most popular systems — ONVIF camera connections, or even loose media like phones and thumb drives.

Our cloud transport automatically senses your configuration and dynamically manages video ingestion accordingly, including TLS encryption and access controls protect data in transit.



The Dragonfruit Difference

number 1

App-Based Forensics

The first end-to-end tool for digital forensic investigations, Dragonfruit puts the power of advanced AI in the palm of your hand.

number 2

Designed for Affordability

Dragonfruit AI is designed for accessibility, helping overcome the cost barrier usually associated with high-quality forensics.

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Ease of Use

Browser-based functionality makes it easy to add content — simply choose your video source and start uploading.

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