Intrusion/Burglar Alarm

AI-Driven Enterprise Intrusion Detection with QR Code Entry.

Large-scale enterprise facilities necessitate security solutions that are both robust and adaptable. Traditional intrusion alarms, predominantly dependent on sensor-based triggers, frequently encounter false alarms and struggle with distinguishing genuine threats, posing a potential vulnerability in security.

The Intrusion Alarm app is tailored to redefine enterprise security. Merging AI, video analytics, and an innovative QR code entry system, we offer a comprehensive security solution. Our system not only identifies potential breaches but also provides real-time video feeds during security incidents and a seamless QR code entry mechanism for staff and guests during off hours.

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Real-Time Threat Detection & Monitoring

With cutting-edge AI algorithms, our system continuously scans video feeds, detecting unusual activities within large enterprise spaces. In the event of an alarm trigger, real-time video feeds are instantly accessible, allowing security personnel to promptly assess the situation and take necessary action, safeguarding the enterprise's assets and staff.

QR Code Secured Entry

Adding a layer of security without compromising on accessibility, our Intrusion Alarm app introduces a QR code system. This allows staff and guests to gain entrance during off hours using a designated QR code, ensuring a secure entry process without activating the alarm system, harmonizing convenience with heightened security.

AI-Driven Accuracy

Harnessing the power of advanced AI, our Intrusion/Burglar Alarm system drastically reduces false alarms, achieving a remarkable 95% decrease compared to traditional image processing techniques. By intelligently analyzing patterns and distinguishing genuine threats from benign movements, we ensure a reliable and efficient security response every time.

The Dragonfruit Difference

Precision Over Guesswork

While many alarms falter in accuracy, our video analytics establish a meticulous security perimeter, guaranteeing the safety of enterprise assets.

Innovative Entry System

With our unique QR code entry feature, enterprises experience a security mechanism that's both impenetrable and accessible, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Live Security Oversight

Immediate access to real-time video feeds during security situations ensures well-informed decision-making and swift interventions, reinforcing enterprise protection.

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