Burglar Alarm Monitoring & Intrusion Detection Software

Add cutting-edge video AI to the cameras you already own for powerful, app-based intrusion detection that scales to virtually any size.

Burglar Alarm Monitoring from Dragonfruit AIDragonfruit AI Burglar Alarm Monitoring SoftwareAI Intrusion Detection from Dragonfruit
AI Intrusion Detection from Dragonfruit

App-based Intrusion Detection with Video AI

Get more from your security spend, across your entire organization.
Our next-gen burglar alarm monitoring software can help you:

Improve incident management with automated pattern detection and smart alerts for suspicious behavior

Increase your labor ROI with more accurate and effective staff monitoring, engagement, and management

Empower your surveillance monitoring team to deliver more effective case management and fewer missed incidents

Easily scale to accommodate growth or manage large venues, warehouses, shipping centers, or other facilities

Real-Time Video Monitoring.
AI-Powered Intrusion Detection.

More than Just Burglar Alarm software, Dragonfruit combines:

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    Video AI analytics

  • Remote View

    Computer vision tech

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    QR code entry access

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    App-based ease of use

Our intrusion detection software continuously scans video feeds, applying cutting-edge AI algorithms in real time to detect unusual activities and potential breaches. Delivering a higher level of accuracy than ever before — with 99.99% fewer false alarms than traditional systems* — it’s your around-the-clock sentinel for asset protection.

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How We’re Redefining Burglar & Intrusion Detection — and What It Means for Your Business

“Dragonfruit AI is a game changer for us. Dragonfruit AI is allowing Otter Self-Storage to bring the most advanced, real time video surveillance to our customer experience, in the industry.” 

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Why Does Traditional Alarm Monitoring Fall Short?

Burglar alarms are a business essential, offering off-hours monitoring and cutting the cost of labor. But they also fall short in some critical areas.

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Requiring extensive hardware and wiring installation, patch panels and code management, traditional systems are hard to manage on a centralized/GSOC basis.

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Traditional systems frequently cause false alarms, which can hurt business. It can also lead to fines from the police, and a tendency for staff to ignore future alerts.

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Though effective, infrared or thermal cameras are too costly for most businesses. They’re also expensive to scale, difficult to manage, and still subject to false alarms.

Meet the Challenge with AI-Powered Alarm Monitoring

A centralized investment that gives you single-pane management of 500+ locations with 1,000+ cameras, the Dragonfruit AI burglar alarm monitoring software and app finally succeeds where so many other intrusion detection systems have failed.

No New Installations Needed

Detecting advanced patterns and deciphering images that traditional systems can’t, Dragonfruit applies the power of computer vision to your existing security camera network — compatible with everything from analog to infrared and thermal — with no hardware or panels to install.

Easy to Use & Instantly Scalable

Because it’s software-based, Dragonfruit AI is easy and affordable to scale across thousands of cameras and hundreds of facilities. And thanks to our patented Split AI technology, no cloud bandwidth upgrades are required — it works on 3G as well as newer networks.

99.99% Fewer False Alarms*

Using computer vision to distinguish people and vehicles from animals, mannequins, or other objects, our system overcomes the limitations of standard motion detection and pixel-based monitoring for a 99.99% improvement in eliminating false alarms.*

Multi-Camera / Multi-Facility

GSOC ready, the Dragonfruit AI system delivers centralized, single-pane management that's fully compatible with secured QR code entry, loudspeaker/strobe systems, and ‘panic button’ fobs. It literally gets smarter every day, learning the patterns that matter to your security.

Unbeatable ROI.

Unlimited Potential.

Compared to the cost of physical security or a major camera infrastructure upgrade, Dragonfruit AI offers affordable scalability any way you look at it. 

Seeking the most advanced capabilities possible? Our add-on features deliver an even more comprehensive system for burglar alarm management:

App-based Ease of Use.

No Installation Required.

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How Does It Work?

After you receive your direct shipment, simply unbox the base and plug it in, and the software will automatically detect your cameras. Select a dedicated line using your web browser, set up your dates and times, and you’re ready to go!

What Happens When an Alarm Goes Off?

If the alarm is tripped, notifications are sent within three seconds via your preferred channel — text, email, call, or API. You’ll also have the option to snooze, or escalate by notifying 911, a guard service, or other local contact.



The Dragonfruit Difference

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Precision AI

While many intrusion alarm systems fall short in accuracy, Dragonfruit AI video analytics provide a meticulous security perimeter.

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Innovative Entry

The QR code-based entry feature is both accessible and impenetrable, bolstering security while helping ensure uninterrupted operations.

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Live Oversight

Immediate access to real-time video feeds during security situations ensures well-informed decision-making and swift interventions.

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