The 6 Key Metrics of Occupancy Management

Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar


Dec 18, 2022

Cover image of the The 6 Key Metrics of Occupancy Management video, Occupancy Management, Episode 8, Dragonfruit Learning Series

In this episode of Dragonfruit’s Learning Series, Founder and CEO Amit Kumar talks about the 6 key metrics of Occupancy Management:

1.    CROSSING – how many people cross a prescribed line

2.    ENGAGEMENT – how people are engaging and for how long in a certain area (e.g. shoe section in retail)

3.    QUEUE LENGTH – how many people are in a line (for checkout counters, elevators etc.)

4.    DWELLS – how many times a person stays and interact with a certain area (e.g. end cap in a store)

5.    VISIT DURATION –aggregate time duration of people’s visits, how long people hang out at a location (e.g. at an airport kiosk)

6.    OCCUPANCY – how many people are in a space at a given time

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