AI White Paper: Improving Holiday Retail Sales with Video AI


Jun 26, 2024

AI White Paper: Improving Holiday Retail Sales with Video AI

Making up almost a fifth of each year’s overall sales, the winter holiday season is a critical time for most retailers. But as market competition grows more intense, and customers more savvy, maximizing holiday sales becomes more challenging each year.

A new white paper from Dragonfruit AI offers insights into how retailers can leverage new technologies to get the most value from holiday sales, plus better prepare for each season and ensure continuous improvement with more powerful analytics that shed light on every corner of their operations, no matter how sprawling or diverse.  

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Retail Holiday Sales: Maximizing Online and Offline Data

The relationship between digital and physical sales is changing fast, and especially during the holidays. Today, the season brings “notable spikes in eCommerce during major promotional events and a resurgence in physical store visits as the holidays approach,” as the white paper points out.

The upshot is that it takes not just merchandising expertise but also rich, analytic-driven data to ensure that holiday season performance is constantly improving. The better that retailers understand the finer points of their operations and customers’ experiences, the better prepared they’ll be to maximize their holiday sales.

And developments in technologies combining machine learning, computer vision, and AI, are helping retailers do just that, offering granular detail at scale into revenue-impacting factors like:

  • Real-time customer buying patterns and preferences, individually and in groups
  • Visual-spatial intelligence — i.e., store layout and customer journey mapping
  • Shelf and display Inventory management 
  • The real-time performance of marketing and promotional campaigns
  • Asset protection, including shrinkage from self-checkout theft

White Paper: Using Video AI to Boost Holiday Season Retail Planning & Success

These aren’t new metrics, of course. Retailers have long struggled to optimize and centralize strategies for each of the items above at scale due to costly methods or lack of data in real-time. But, as the new Dragonfruit AI white paper points out, today’s technology is quickly changing those standards, providing an innovative and cost-effective way to finally solve many of retail’s most long-standing challenges.

By giving physical stores the kind of detailed metrics previously only available in eCommerce settings, for instance, solutions like those offered by Dragonfruit AI empower retailers “to optimize their visual merchandising and take advantage of consumer trends as they develop."

As the white paper explains, what once "required expensive and extensive hardware installations is now offered as app-based software that can be applied to a company’s existing camera infrastructure. The result is radical improvements in everything a retailer needs to drive growth and success in the next holiday season.”

On top of that, vision AI solutions help to merge online and offline selling in a way that can boost everything from cross-selling to customer lifetime value. And in a retail marketplace where personalization and omnichannel selling are increasingly necessary to stay competitive, that isn’t just a benefit but arguably a requirement for today’s retailers — and especially during the highly competitive holiday season.  

To Dig in and Learn More, Download the Dragonfruit AI White Paper Today

Download the Dragonfruit AI white paper today for insights into how to maximize retail sales with next-gen video analytics powered by the latest AI and computer vision technologies — over the next holiday season, and beyond.  

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Disclosure: The apps promoted on this page are offered by Dragonfruit AI, a provider of app-based video AI business solutions. Read more about Dragonfruit AI here.

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