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The only petabyte-scale integrated VMS and AI video Analytics Solution

Dragonfruit's Mission

Democratize AI video analytics

Can AI video analytics actually be affordable? We think so. Dragonfruit is on a mission to help customers and security integrators reduce costs by 10x. Dragonfruit AI is the industry’s first massively-scalable video AI platform, combining consumer-grade usability with enterprise-grade capability. Our patented, award-winning technology delivers the most advanced AI analytics, deeply integrated with cloud video management. The cloud-native solution is designed for bandwidth-constrained environments, and powers instant-on advanced analytics priced by consumption. Our flexibility, customizability, and effortless deployment help companies seamlessly transform their video data into business intelligence.

Deliver flexibility and choice with solution-based analytics

With Dragonfruit, customers can pick any combination of analytics and only pay for what they use, when they use them. You can start with just a VMS and add features as your business grows – be it for digital investigations, occupancy intelligence, or advanced AI analytics such as spill detection, smoke and fire detection, and slip/trip/fall. We offer the most complete set of analytics, either à la carte or as packaged suites. Bespoke modules enable you to address your unique use cases, and can be implemented quickly and seamlessly on our platform.  

Enable easy and cost-effective deployments

Dragonfruit's Frontier includes an M1-powered Base Station running the world's most advanced OS and connected to the most advanced cloud intelligence. Hardware is included, and installation is a breeze – just plug in Ethernet and power and the rest is configured remotely by browser. Our patented Split AI technology reduces bandwidth usage as well as removes GPU requirements on-prem, helping save money and resources. We connect with your existing IP or analog cameras, so there's never any vendor lock-in. Frontier provides the industry's most powerful and cost-effective end-to-end video AI solution.

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