Dragon Jones - Grail #2

Published on: Mar 07, 2023

Be sure to watch the continuing tale of solving Retail's "Holy Grails!" This week we tackle Grail #2 – Intrusion Alarm Automation with Dragonfruit Frontier. 🔊

CHALLENGE: As a retailer, keeping your establishment secure from intrusions and thieves can be challenging, especially after hours. Alarm systems are expensive to set up and maintain, and adding surveillance services increases costs even more.

SOLUTION: With Dragonfruit, you can use video surveillance cameras instead of a traditional intrusion alarm to protect your business. Using Frontier you can monitor your premises in real-time and receive instant alerts if any intrusion attempts are detected. In addition, you can use our Digital Investigations Suite to investigate suspicious incidents and our Visual Intelligence Suite to conduct longitudinal and other analyses on past intrusion events. Using video surveillance cameras with Frontier can deter criminals, reduce losses, and give peace of mind–all while also saving money.

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