Evolve Mapping with Retail Visual-Spatial Intelligence

Take customer journey mapping to the next level with advanced visual-spatial intelligence powered by the Dragonfruit AI Retail Analytics App and more fully understand each customer's journey to better engage and optimize them, all without the need to invest in new hardware or undergo extensive installations. 

More Accurately Map Out Customer Behavior with AI-Powered Retail Visual Intelligence

Retail success depends on understanding customers. With the Dragonfruit AI Retail Insights App, you can use the cameras you already have to get more precise data on customer movement, product engagement, and other key activity, along with fast, actionable analysis of what it all means to fuel better, more profitable decisions for your business.

Do shoppers linger over a certain product without buying? Do some products inspire impulse buys? Our system of retail visual-spatial intelligence leverages cutting-edge technology like video-based AI, computer vision and machine learning to help you more clearly see — and better understand — every inch of your operational footprint, giving you the power to:

  • Optimize packaging, merchandising, and product placement by analyzing customer reactions and engagement.
  • Better anticipate trends and expectations to improve inventory management and customer satisfaction.
  • Sync staff allocation to traffic spikes in real time to reduce a common source of customer frustration.
  • Further optimize labor management by adjusting staffing based on lower or higher utilization throughout the day. 

Unlock the Power of Visual-Spatial Intelligence with Dragonfruit AI

More than just customer journey mapping, retail visual-spatial intelligence monitors real-time behavior and correlates with patterns and long-term trends in behavior to provide a richer understanding of what customers are doing and why. And with Dragonfruit AI, you’ve got a powerful tool for gathering and understanding this data using the cameras you already have.

Learn more about the Dragonfruit AI Retail Insights App here, or contact us here to schedule a demo today.