Improve Retail Sales Strategies with Real-Time Insights

The capabilities of today’s retail data analytics far exceed expectations from just a few years ago. Using your existing security camera infrastructure, you can now easily gain the retail data you need to improve sales strategies that drive both immediate sales and long-term growth.

Enhance Your Retail Sales Strategy with Better, More Detailed Customer Data

Understanding your customers is key to driving sales and growth. And that requires gathering the best possible data so you can follow their activity both in real-time and over the long term — and adjust your retail sales strategy accordingly.

The Dragonfruit AI Retail Insights App harnesses the power of new technology to generate more and better customer data than ever before. By applying advanced, video AI-powered analytics to your existing camera feeds, we make it affordable for virtually any business to get revenue-enhancing insights into key questions like: 

  • What products your customers prefer (and when), and what upselling options they’re most likely to be interested in.
  • Where traffic congregates in stores, what times are busiest, and the effects of changes to layout or inventory.
  • What shoppers respond best to certain messaging, layouts, or other factors that impact the customer experience.
  • How preferences and activities change over time, and how to predict future trends based on past behavior.
  • What works and why, and how to apply those lessons to improve the performance of sales campaigns.

Improve Retail Sales with Game-Changing Tech from Dragonfruit AI

With Dragonfruit AI, you’ll have the means to better understand customer movement, transaction data, product sales, and much more, while understanding where you need to innovate and adapt to meet and exceed customer expectations. 

Learn more about the Dragonfruit AI Retail Insights App here, or contact us today to schedule your free demo.