Apply eCommerce Methodology to In-Store Retail Metrics

Retail success stories have one thing in common: They understand the value of tracking key metrics and acting on the insights. And with new technology that applies eCommerce methodology across the in-store experience, our Retail Insights App gives virtually any retailer the power to understand customer activity like never before.

Better Understand In-Store Behavior with Advanced eCommerce Methodology

No matter how much online sales surge, there will always be demand for a satisfying in-store experience. But in the past, the latter has been much more difficult to deliver, given the difference in logistics and lack of actionable customer data.

That's all changing with the Dragonfruit AI Retail Insights App, a new type of analytics solution that delivers a level of in-store retail analysis previously only available to eCommerce transactions. Tracking and analyzing high-volume point-of-sale (PoS) data in fine detail almost instantaneously, you'll get a faster, better understanding of meaningful metrics like: 

  • Patterns in traffic and product sales over time, helping you improve shelf management and demand forecasting.
  • Closer monitoring of trends like product comparisons or cart removals to optimize sales and packaging.
  • The precise source of any loss, leakage, bottlenecks, or shrink to eliminate waste, cut costs, and boost revenue.
  • SKU-level inventory trends to better manage profitability via gross margin return on inventory (GMROI).
  • More accurate monitoring of every stage of the journey to maximize customer engagement and satisfaction.

Bridge Online and Offline Selling with Dragonfruit AI

Don’t let the competition pass you by! Use eCommerce methodology to capture the in-depth retail metrics you need to maximize sales, grow your business, and ensure success in the years to come. Better understand exactly what drives your bottom line by bridging online and offline data with Dragonfruit AI.

Learn more about the Dragonfruit AI Retail Insights App here, or contact us here to schedule a demo today.