Understand & Share Retail Insights with AI Report Generator

Acquiring data is just the beginning: Get more value from the information your business generates every minute of every day with the Dragonfruit AI Retail Insights App report generator, which applies AI-powered automation to deliver fast, meaningful, easy-to-scan analysis of the trends and data that matter most to your bottom line.

Understand & Share the Retail Insights that Matter with Automatic AI Report Generation

Keeping up with customer trends requires constant analysis of their behavior. And truly understanding what’s happening today — and how it maps to what happened last week, last quarter, and last year — takes significant time and expertise.

With the automatic, highly detailed, ChatGPT-powered summaries that come with the Dragonfruit AI Retail Insights App, you'll instantly get the kind of in-depth analysis that used to take a team of experts days or even weeks to deliver. Using quick-scan charts and graphs along with detailed dashboards, our retail AI report generator feature lets you:

  • Zoom out for a more global view of your operational data to spot unknown bottlenecks and customer pain points.
  • Quickly understand the trends driving sales and engagement so you can optimize your customer experience.
  • React more effectively to crises or challenges with a clearer understanding of logistics and capabilities.
  • Unlock better statistical models for mapping out more successful future strategies.
  • Maximize transparency and overcome functional silos within leadership and across your entire organization.

Unlock the Power of Your Retail Data with Instant AI Reporting

Don’t miss the big picture: The most successful retailers don’t just gather data but constantly work to unlock its value. And with Dragonfruit AI, you’ll have a highly effective tool for doing just that.

Learn more about the Dragonfruit AI Retail Insights App here, or contact us here to schedule a demo.