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Partners in Security Innovation: Otter Self Storage & the Dragonfruit AI VMS+ App

As the Chief Operating Officer of Property Management at Macritchie Group, overseeing Otter Self Storage, I'm constantly seeking innovative solutions to enhance our security operations. Dragonfruit AI's VMS+ App has been a game changer for us since we integrated it into our system a few months ago.

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What Sets the Draongfrut AI VMS+ App Apart?

What sets Dragonfruit apart from other solutions is its expansive functionality and intuitive user experience. Unlike niche products with limited capabilities, Dragonfruit offers a comprehensive suite of features that allow us to identify and respond to security threats in real-time. From customizable alerts to insightful reporting, Dragonfruit empowers us to proactively manage incidents and ensure the safety of our facilities and customers.

Working with the Dragonfruit team has been a refreshing experience. They're not just focused on selling a product; they're genuinely invested in understanding our needs and evolving their solution to meet them. The level of support and collaboration we've received from their Customer Success team has been exceptional, making the transition smooth and hassle-free.

One Easy Solution from Dragonfruit AI

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The VMS+ App that Exceeds Expectations

Since implementing Dragonfruit AI, we've seen significant improvements in our security operations. The ability to receive real-time alerts for suspicious activities has allowed us to stay one step ahead of potential threats. From perimeter breaches to loitering incidents, Dragonfruit has enabled us to respond swiftly and effectively, ultimately enhancing the trust and peace of mind of our customers.

Looking ahead, we see Dragonfruit as a central component of our future security strategies. We're excited to expand our usage of the VMS+ App across our different lines of storage and integrate it with other systems to further streamline our operations. Dragonfruit AI has not only met our expectations but exceeded them, and we wholeheartedly recommend it to any business looking to elevate their security measures.


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