Use Case

Loss Prevention for Retail


Preventing theft of goods

Whether it’s shoplifting through back door exits or stealing from the register after hours, preventing theft In stores is a huge challenge for Retailers.

Security & safety

It’s important that Retailers are quickly notified when a potential threat arises so that security measures are swiftly taken. Investigating and verifying high-liability incidents can be a time-consuming and grueling process.

Difficulty conducting investigations

With tons of video data, Retailers must spend hours reviewing video clips in search of a single incident or activity. This manual review can be cumbersome and an inefficient use of an investigator’s time.


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Video Summaries

Dragonfruit developed video summaries to cut down on time spent reviewing video evidence and help speed up investigations. Dragonfruit Summarization takes in hours of video and condenses it into minutes using AI fast-forward. Key objects from the video, such as people and vehicles, can be filtered and searched, allowing investigators to quickly identify critical elements. Investigators can then click on objects in the summary to see where they appear in the original video.

Investigations Management

Investigators can easily create investigations to keep track of video data and evidence sets all in one place. Once an investigation is created, you can add specific ‘events’ to it as well as additional evidentiary data such as receipts and witness statements. To succinctly capture this data, Dragonfruit allows you to create an online report.

Online Reports

Dragonfruit generates reports to give you a concise overview of digital evidence sets and metrics you care about. Reports can be quickly published via secure URL to interested parties and stakeholders, eliminating the need for sharing files through a USB drive or over email.


Speed up Investigations

With Video Search and Summaries, loss prevention investigators and other critical staff can save time reviewing video evidence, thereby accelerating the pace of investigations

Securely Share Evidence

Dragonfruit’s investigation workflow and online reports provide investigators a true end-to-end tool for searching and saving video evidence, correlating it with other evidentiary data, and securely sharing it with relevant stakeholders, all through an easy-to-use, auditable web-based interface