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Infrastructure Health Monitoring for Retail


Thousands of cameras to monitor

Companies often have thousands of cameras surveilling their workplaces, making it difficult to remotely manage such a vast network in an efficient manner.

Camera footage is selectively reviewed

Camera footage is often reviewed only if there is an incident and are not monitored regularly. In the case of equipment failure, cases may remain undetected and lead to losses.

Varying quality of installation

With a wide distribution of cameras, installation is often contracted out to local vendors, so quality control can vary across regions.


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Camera Health Monitoring

Dragonfruit will monitor each camera, NVR, and the internet link at a configurable frequency. By tracking the health of each camera, we ensure reliability and that your sensitive locations are protected.

Near Real-time Alerts

Any camera issues, tampering, or equipment failures are reported in near-real time. Alerts can be passed on to the security team at the location for further action or be integrated into a centralized alerting system.

Monthly Reporting

Get monthly reports of the health of your infrastructure to ensure your workplaces are always protected. Dragonfruit captures one frame per specified interval for each camera, and makes them easily viewable to detect anomalies.



Dragonfruit overlays on top of existing CCTV infrastructure, so there is no new hardware to buy or install. Also, the pay-as-you-go model can help transfer Capex to op-ex costs for easier budget approvals.

High Volume Management

Dragonfruit offers an all-inclusive solution that can monitor thousands of cameras across wide geographical areas and connected to disparate VMS systems.

Peace of Mind

Dragonfruit’s near real-time alerts and monthly reports ensure that sensitive locations are continuously protected. Camera issues are brought to your attention when they occur, not when it’s too late.

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