Patent: Dragonfruit Cloud

Automated lifecycle management provides affordable archival storage

Lifecycle Management

Dragonfruit’s cloud storage technology provides an AI-powered video cloud built for modern compliance and security requirements. Our patent-pending AI algorithms optimize the lifecycle management of uploaded videos — adjusting their storage in hot and cold tiers based on need. No more setting lifecycle policies, defining rules or monitoring video usage — Dragonfruit’s AI manages it all.

Automating the process and focusing on physical security videos allows us to offer lower storage costs than even traditional cloud vendors. Add to that the elimination of management headaches and the resultant time savings and the total cost of ownership (TCO) is significantly lowered as well. By using cloud storage to support automated migration strategies, we manage your video data with maximum performance at minimum cost.

Additional Features

Instant Access

Once uploaded, all videos are instantly accessible and searchable by camera source, date, and time, no matter how long they’ve been stored. Additional modules can be enabled to search, count, track, and investigate objects in the video. With Dragonfruit there are no ingress or egress costs — your video data is your own, and you always have access to it.


Our video cloud implements all the industry-grade security features needed for visibility into sophisticated systems.

Multi-cloud Support

Dragonfruit Cloud is supported on public clouds and private clouds, and can also run on GovCloud. It’s GDPR and CCPA compliant, and built to CJIS requirements to support all common law enforcement scenarios.


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