Patent: Dragonfruit Client

On-premise client for bandwidth management, video uploads, and camera monitoring.

The lightweight Dragonfruit Client is installed on-premise on your existing servers. Its core functions are bandwidth management, video ingestion into the Dragonfruit cloud, and monitoring camera health.

Bandwidth Management

Dragonfruit Client automatically senses client configuration, such as processing, memory, storage, and bandwidth, and dynamically manages video ingestion within those constraints. Dependable cloud transport optimizes available bandwidth and TLS 1.2 encryption and access controls protect data in transit. The Client accommodates three main upload policies for optimizing bandwidth: Time-shifting, Down sampling, and Split Inference.

Policy 1: Time-shifting

Upload videos based on bandwidth allocation. For example, if more bandwidth is available after-hours, video uploads will automatically shift to use more bandwidth then.

Policy 2: Down Sampling

Upload videos based on quality constraints. For example, if the customer requirements call for a certain minimum resolution, and there isn’t enough bandwidth available, videos are automatically downsampled to fit the constraints.

Policy 3: Split Inference

Upload videos using ML inference. For example, if the customer is bandwidth constrained but needs deep video search, Dragonfruit will automatically deploy ML inference to balance analytics needs and infrastructure constraints.

Video Uploads

Dragonfruit Client allows for seamless upload of unstructured data to the cloud. An easy-to-use browser-based UI allows users to select their video source and begin uploading videos immediately. You can upload video from local filesystems (loose media) or take advantage of the lightweight software plugins which connect to major VMS systems such as Genetec, Milestone, Avigilon, Salient, exacqVision, and more. There’s also an ONVIF integration so you can upload video directly from RTSP camera streams.

Camera Health Monitoring

Dragonfruit Client can connect to thousands of disparate camera types to monitor their uptime status. We capture single frames from each camera — at a frequency which you can determine — and send those frames to our cloud, where they are easily viewable to assess camera health. Non-performing cameras trigger alerts which can be integrated into your centralized notification system. With Dragonfruit’s unique AI modules, you can easily integrate camera monitoring with storage and forensics so that infrastructure issues can be dealt with in a seamless and affordable way.

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