Dragonfruit Module

Vehicle LPR

Detect license plates without additional hardware

Current LPR solutions require custom hardware which can be very expensive to install, especially if existing hardware needs replacement. Dragonfruit overcomes cost barriers with a software-only solution for license plate recognition. Also, by using AI technology rather than traditional image processing, Dragonfruit provides a robust LPR solution with limited image restrictions. By seamlessly working with existing cameras, Dragonfruit’s LPR solution avoids expensive hardware upgrades and hassles, making our solution extremely affordable.

Fast LPR search

Dragonfruit’s AI analytics automatically detect and log license plate numbers, allowing for fast and easy identification for verification and investigations. In addition, Dragonfruit can categorize license plates by region/type to quickly narrow down vehicles of interest.

No additional hardware

Dragonfruit’s LPR technology runs in the cloud and uses the latest AI technology, not just image processing, to detect license plates. Our solution is therefore both more affordable as well as more powerful than traditional LPR offerings.


Dragonfruit provides robust reports detailing the occurrence of license plates of interest within our browser-based UI. We can also generate exportable reports in CSV format for ease of investigation and integration into other systems and processes.

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