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Timeline View

Improve investigation efficiency with a holistic view across cameras

Investigating an incident can be a complex task requiring the viewing of multiple cameras and angles. Dates and timestamps can often be mismatched, making it difficult to track an object of interest, especially across multiple cameras. Making sense of multiple clips from multiple camera angles can be hard to do with existing video tools, and sharing reports of multi-camera incidents is often not easily possible.

Dragonfruit's Timelines are the perfect tool for investigations that involve video from multiple sources. Our Timelines automatically create a storyboard from investigation events, providing a powerful visual representation of an incident as it unfolds. This simplifies the tracking of an incident across multiple cameras, helping build a more holistic picture of the incident. The interactive visualization allows users to include or exclude relevant video views over the timeline, as well as quickly and easily share the storyboard with colleagues or other stakeholders. With Dragonfruit's Timeline View, investigations just got a whole lot easier.

Simultaneously see a holistic view of an incident from all selected cameras

Search across all cameras for an object of interest

Apply filters to search for an object of interest across all the relevant cameras – in this case, people wearing black or green. Note that the view bars at the bottom indicate where the people are detected in the videos.

Prioritize, assign, and add comments to the Timeline to aid in the investigative process

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