Dragonfruit Module

Timeline View

Improve investigation efficiency with a holistic view across cameras

Investigating an incident often requires viewing footage from several different cameras and angles. Dates and timestamps may not always match up, making it difficult to track an object of interest across multiple cameras. Dragonfruit’s Timelines are a powerful tool to see how an incident transpires from different viewpoints and to assist in investigations with video from many sources. This simplifies the tracking of an incident across multiple cameras, helping build a more holistic picture of the incident. Timelines make it easy to change the scope (granularity) and span (length) of viewable video, and also make it easy to align videos by fixing incorrect timecodes in incoming videos.

Simultaneously see holistic view of an incident from all selected cameras

Align timecodes and update metadata

View Scope and Span of video

Scope is granularity of a video, achieved by zooming in on the video timeline. Span is length of video, viewed by zooming out of the timeline.

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