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Social Distancing

Social distancing detection allows you to safely reopen your organization

During the era of COVID-19, enforcing social distancing regulations and knowing whether your workplace’s policies are working are challenging. The pandemic is unprecedented and so is social distancing technology — until Dragonfruit. To maximize safety reopening measures, Dragonfruit detects and reinforces social distancing practices so that business can transition to a safer reopening. Dragonfruit’s comprehensive reports can help you better understand people’s movement patterns to improve social distancing policies. Have a limited budget? No problem. We offer a very affordable, 100% software-based solution with no additional on-site hardware and low compute costs.

Detect distance between people

Dragonfruit uses AI technology to determine distances between individuals and detect when people are within a certain radius of one another.

Keep track of number of people passed within a certain radius

Dragonfruit also uses powerful AI analytics to track how many other people an individual has passed within a certain radius. This count allows you to track people who are coming into close contact with others.

Daily Reports

Social distancing is proven to help reduce risk. However, enforcing social distancing can be hard to enforce and track in your workspace or organization. Dragonfruit provides daily reports on social distancing metrics to help you implement and improve social distancing policies.

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