Dragonfruit Module

People/Vehicle Counting

Keep track of how many people/vehicles are in an area of interest

Counting the number of people or vehicles in an area of interest has always provided valuable business insights. Automating the task with technology improves efficiency, but may involve hardware and software upgrades to current systems, potentially decreasing the ROI. Dragonfruit’s people/vehicle counting module uses the latest AI technology to quickly and accurately provide relevant counts, and overlays on top of your existing infrastructure so that no new hardware is required. Our detailed reports give you insights to accomplish such tasks as adjusting capacity planning based on traffic patterns, optimizing queue management to minimize consumer wait times, or redesigning workspace layout to improve traffic flow.

Count people or vehicles

Dragonfruit’s real-time AI analytics keep track of how many people and/or vehicles are in, or pass through, a specified location of interest. Our object filters can be used to also count objects with specific properties such as clothing color and vehicle type (car, truck, etc.)

Geofencing & Tripwire

Keep track of objects of interest within a given area (geofence) or those that pass a virtual demarcation (tripwire) with Dragonfruit’s technology.


Dragonfruit compiles hourly and/or daily reports to give you an overview of how many objects of interest are entering or are in a specific space of your choosing. Reports can be used to improve capacity policies, manage traffic flow, and more.

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