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Interior/Exterior Heatmaps

Heat Maps

Heat maps allow you to quickly see movement patterns over a specified period of time. Interior heat maps are often used in a retail setting to better understand shopper behavior such as flow and dwell time, and enable retailers to optimize aspects such as personnel assignments and merchandising placement to increase in-store revenue. External heat maps, such as those used to track traffic, enable better urban planning and coordination. Dragonfruit offers both static and dynamic, indoor and outdoor heat maps to help visualize data volumes in locations of interest. In addition, our reports can inform decisions on current traffic policies, workplace flow, etc.

Static heat maps

Static maps are generated based on object detection and tracking, and provide an aggregate snapshot of an object’s movement over time.

Dynamic heat maps

Dynamic maps show an object’s movement in a video format, highlighting the ebb and flow of objects over time at the location of interest.

Interior and exterior heat maps

Show the frequency of appearance of selected objects (e.g. car, person, etc.) whether they are inside or outside.

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