Dragonfruit Module

Cloud Storage

AI video cloud delivers up to 90% cost savings

Cloud storage is more flexible, scalable, and expandable than on-premise storage. There are no disk farms to manage, and high availability and disaster recovery are built-in. However, till now cloud storage for video data has been cost prohibitive, with no easy way to upload videos or manage them once they’re in the cloud. Dragonfruit’s cloud storage module overcomes these constraints by offering the industry’s most price-competitive solution which provides seamless video ingestion, instant accessibility, and easy expandability — all with a security-first approach.

Starting at just $50 /camera/year, Dragonfruit provides the industry’s most competitive cloud pricing. Traditional cloud storage approaches involve using public cloud infrastructure which can be as much as 20x more expensive. Dragonfruit cloud offers immense cost savings compared to both on-prem and standard public cloud providers. It’s the ideal solution for customers looking to replace the cost and management of on-prem storage or for those who want an easy and affordable secondary storage or disaster recovery solution.

Lifecycle Management

Uploaded videos are instantly accessible and searchable from the browser-based UI, no matter how long they’ve been stored. Our patent-pending algorithm optimizes which videos are stored in hot vs. cold storage, simplifying video lifecycle management. There are no IT costs and features such as capacity planning, load balancing and high availability are automatically included.

Multi-Cloud Support

Dragonfruit supports both public cloud and private clouds for maximum flexibility. In addition, we can also support GovCloud, often required for Federal agencies. Our cloud storage helps customers realize the lowest TCO while also gaining unlimited scalability with no additional maintenance costs.

Seamless VMS Integration

Dragonfruit integrates with existing VMS solutions to seamlessly move video data to the cloud. We have plug-ins into leading VMS systems such as Milestone, Genetec, Avigilon, Salient, IPConfigure, exacqVision, and Hikvision. We also offer custom integrations into additional VMS systems as needed.

Security-First Architecture

Role-based end-to-end access controls allow only authorized personnel to access specific videos and actions, while robust audit trails track who has accessed what data and when. Full chain of custody logging tracks whether a person or machine has accessed, viewed, or modified any videos. We are also GDPR and CCPA compliant, and built to CJIS requirements so all common law enforcement scenarios are also supported.


Security-first architecture with encryption, authentication, access controls and chain of custody ensures customer data is always protected.


Dragonfruit’s platform architecture easily integrates with 3rd party video AI products.


Cloud storage gives you the ability to expand or replace aging on-premise storage.


No IT costs or capacity planning needed. Load balancing and high availability automatically included.


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