Dragonfruit Module

Camera Monitoring

Easily monitor the health of your surveillance camera system

Large companies often have hundreds, or even thousands, or cameras in the field, which makes it almost impossible to know whether a single camera is having problems or stops working. When a camera goes down and there is no way of being notified, sensitive locations can be left unprotected. Also, there’s often no way to identify cameras that are experiencing one-time glitches versus ongoing problems. Current camera-monitoring tools are historically cost inefficient due to the large volume of cameras to manage.

Dragonfruit tackles these challenges with unmatched scalability and cost-effectiveness. We are able to monitor thousands of cameras with near real-time notifications if complications arise. With Dragonfruit’s unique AI modules, you can easily integrate camera monitoring with storage and forensics so that infrastructure issues can be dealt with in a seamless and affordable way.

Scalable and cost effective

Dragonfruit’s solution allows you to easily oversee the health of thousands of cameras.

Automatic Alarms

Protect your assets with automatic notifications and alerts that tell you when a camera is offline or has been tampered with. Alerts can easily be integrated with centralized notification systems. For monthly reporting, Dragonfruit captures one frame per time interval per camera and combines them to create a video for your review.

Flexible and affordable

Dragonfruit’s solution works with any camera and connects with existing VMSs such as Milestone, Genentec, and Avigilon.

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