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Bespoke Modules

Create a bespoke module for your unique business needs

Dragonfruit offers a variety of AI modules designed to help solve real-world challenges. But we also recognize that sometimes off-the-shelf analytics may not be sufficient for your business. For example, common object detection — people, vehicles, etc. — is extremely useful, yet you may also require detecting uncommon or industry-specific objects.

In these and other such cases, Dragonfruit’s platform architecture enables us to quickly and easily create bespoke modules.

Bespoke originally referred to custom-made clothing, intended to provide a perfect fit for its wearer. Here, we refer to it as an AI module that’s been designed and built to meet your specific business needs. We’ll partner with you to understand your use case, design a custom module, and deliver a robust solution that integrates with your existing modules. Adding new components to our platform is a breeze — whether they be additional modules developed by us, or custom-built modules created for our clients.

Our bespoke modules are as customized as a tailor-made suit, and designed to be a perfect fit for your business. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.

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